Iridium Push to Talk Service

Iridium Push to Talk Service #

Fast. Simple. Global.
Push-to-Talk the Way it Was Meant to Be #

When Push Comes to Shove, Push Your Network Beyond Limits #

The Iridium Push to Talk Service is the only truly global, truly mobile push-to-talk system available today. It enables fast and simple group communications at the push of a button, anywhere on earth.

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Connect With Your Team Instantly From Anywhere #

With Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT), the entire world is your network. Iridium’s unique global constellation of 66 cross-linked low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellites lets you connect in the same way as you would with terrestrial-based trunked radio systems — without having to build infrastructure.

Fast and Secure #

This unique global service is built for speed and security, with connection speeds comparable to land-mobile radio and no-compromise AES-256 encryption standards — supporting coordination and control of your team and resources like never before.

Simplicity On Your Terms #

The drag and drop interface within the Iridium PTT Command Center makes it easy to configure users, talkgroups and coverage areas in seconds. It is also fully interoperable, so you can permit other organizations or agencies to share channels and talkgroups when the need arises.

Push-to-Talk Just Got Smarter and Tougher #

Iridium Extreme PTT is the world’s first ever truly global push-to-talk device. It combines fast, simple, and secure group communications with the power of the toughest, most feature-rich satellite phone. It brings Iridium Push to Talk Service to your fingertips.

A Robust Development Platform #

The Iridium Push-to-Talk Integrator Development Kit accelerates integration of the PTT-capable Iridium Core 9523 satellite transceiver — allowing developers to easily incorporate Iridium Push-to-Talk service capabilities into a wide variety of new or existing radio, voice and data solutions.

Convenient Calling Plans #

Iridium Voice Services offer a variety of calling plans designed to meet the needs of customers using Iridium satellite phones. Whether you prefer the convenience of a prepaid plan or the peace of mind of a postpaid plan, the choice is yours.

Now, Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT) service comes with a free voice line for all Iridium PTT postpaid service subscribers. Contact your service provider for details.

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