Iridium GO Firmware Update 1.5.2

Iridium GO Firmware Update 1.5.2 #

Overview #

For your device to work properly, Apollo Satellite Communications recommends checking that you have the most up-to-date firmware on your Iridium GO Satellite Hub. The current firmware is the Iridium GO Firmware Update 1.5.2 and it will keep your satellite hub operating as expected.

These days everything runs on computers and for the bulk of the satellite communications equipment out there; they are no exception. So, it is of the utmost importance to make sure your firmware is up-to-date on your Iridium GO as well as all your other devices.

Otherwise, you could be stuck with apps that will not function correctly or even worse, an unreliable connection to communicate over which could leave you off the grid and unable to connect to the outside world.

So, to get started follow the instructions below to make sure your device’s firmware is up-to-date. If it is not, continue with the directions and we can get your device the new firmware so it will operate without issues.

Iridium GO Satellite Hub #

Instructions for Checking and Updating Your Firmware #

  1. Download the latest Iridium GO! Firmware
    – Go to the Iridium GO Firmware Download Page and save the firmware to your desktop
  2. Turn on your Iridium GO! Device
    – Raise the antenna to an upright position
    – Wait for the device to power up (takes approximately 1 min) to begin registration with the Iridium network
  3. Charge the Battery (highly recommended)
    – Open the USB cover and firmly plug in the USB cable that is already connected to the AC plug or car charger
  4. Check firmware version on your Iridium GO device
    – Press either the left or right navigation button for the menu to appear
    – Press the “Next” button until you get to the “Information” option
    – Press “Select”
    – Write down the SSID number and the firmware (f/w) version
  5. Connect your laptop/PC to the Iridium GO Advanced Features Portal via Wi-Fi
    – Use the SSID number to connect your laptop/computer to your Iridium GO device
    – Open your web browser using the latest version of either Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 11
    – Enter in the address bar and press enter
    – Log in with an administrator account, Username & Password default “guest” and enter
  6. Navigate the Advanced Features Portal
    Go to the “System” tab
    – Click on “Choose File” and choose the saved firmware file from your desktop
    – Click on upgrade, and wait until the progress/status bar reaches 100% completion. This should take approximately 10-15 minutes. NOTE: While the firmware upgrade is in progress, do not navigate away from this page
    – Upon completion, the device will automatically restart, this will take approximately 2 minutes. NOTE: A new progress bar will appear below the firmware upgrade to indicate that the unit is restarting
    – If the device has lost Wi-Fi connection, ensure to reconnect Follow step (5)
  7. Check the firmware version on your Iridium GO
    – Follow Step (4)
    – Ensure that the Firmware version is 1.5.2

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