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Iridium Extreme Quick Start Guide

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Iridium 9575 Extreme
Quick Start Guide #

Iridium Extreme Quick Start Guide Phone Overview

Iridium Extreme @ Apollo Satellite Communications

1: Insert the SIM Card #

Iridium Extreme Quick Start Guide - SIM Card Installation

  • Remove the battery from the phone (left image above)
  • Slide the SIM card into the slot, following the
    orientation shown on the decal above (middle image above)
  • Re-install the battery (right image above)

2: Charging the Phone
and Power On #

Iridium Extreme Quick Start Guide - Adapter Installation

Iridium Extreme Quick Start Guide - Power Adapter Plug Installation

Iridium Extreme Quick Start Guide - Charging and Powering Explanation

  • When the phone has completed charging, remove the adapter by holding the phone with your left hand and grasping the adapter on both sides – press the bottom portions of the side clasps with your thumb and index fingers and pull the adapter away from the phone
  • Move the accessory connector cover back to the accessory connector and press it so it is securely in place
  • Turn the phone on by pressing and holding the On/Off button on the top of the phone for 5 seconds – note that you must wait a minimum of 5 seconds before powering on the Iridium Extreme after you have disconnected from the charger
  • If prompted for a SIM PIN, enter the four to eight digit SIM card PIN code provided by your service provider – the default SIM PIN is 1111 and may be modified – pressing the incorrect code multiple times will lock the phone and require an unlock code
  • Important: The battery should only be charged in environments between 0°C (32°F) to 45°C (113°F)

3: Setup and Use of
GPS Location Options #

Iridium Extreme Quick Start Guide - GPS Location Options

  • From the main menu, select “Setup” and then “Location Options”
  • By default, GPS is disabled – to enable GPS – select “GPS Options”“GPS On/Off” – and select “Enabled”
  • Your phone is equipped with a programmable SOS button on the top of the phone for emergency notifications to your specified contacts – you will be prompted to enter an emergency call recipient and emergency message recipient each time your phone is powered on until these contacts are programmed – once the SOS button is pressed, a message and/or call will be initiated and your location will be sent every 5 minutes to your specified emergency recipient – to modify these settings, select “Emergency Options” as pictured above from the Location Options screen
  • CAUTION: You must configure the SOS button Emergency Mode contact in order to send an emergency message to a designated emergency call recipient
  • To view your current GPS location, press the side Convenience Key (initial update can take up to 2 minutes) – you will be provided with the option to share your location by attaching your location to a New Message or a preconfigured Quick GPS list – to program a Quick GPS list select “Message Options” and then “Quick GPS List” – your message will be sent with a link to that will display your location on a map
  • To send your location on a regular update schedule, select “Message Options” and “Regular Updates” – first program the message recipient by selecting “Update Recipient” – next, program the message schedule by selecting “Update Frequency” – once the Update Frequency is set, your location will be sent automatically to your programmed recipient on the defined frequency
  • Your phone provides the ability to lock your GPS settings to maintain your desired configuration by selecting “GPS Options” and “GPS Settings Lock” – the default GPS settings lock code is 3333 and can be changed in the “Security” menu under “Change PIN” and “GPS Settings Lock”
  • Your phone supports integration with 3rd party online portals using short burst data (SBD) – these 3rd party online portals provide the ability to track your phone’s location online, see location history, two-way message, set-up geofences, and coordinate scheduled check-ins – for more information about 3rd party online portals, contact Apollo SatCom
  • GPS location will be downloaded and stored locally when your phone is powered on to provide an initial location status if Emergency Mode is initiated by pressing the SOS button – pressing the programmable SOS button will always enable GPS for the Emergency Mode to send location updates whether GPS is enabled or disabled – monthly access and usage fees may apply for location messaging and short burst data services

4: Set Up Voicemail #

Voicemail Explanation

  • From the main menu, select “Voicemail” – then “Voicemail Settings” – then finally “Number”
  • Enter +881662990000 then select “Save” by pressing the left soft key – Quick Tip: to enter the + sign, press and hold the 0 key
  • To place a voicemail set-up call, go to an outdoor area with a clear view of the sky, extend the antenna, and select “Voicemail” from the main menu and then “Call Voicemail” – ensure that the antenna is articulated left or right so it is pointing up during the phone call for optimal use
  • When prompted, enter your Iridium phone number followed by the star (*) key, then enter your password (default is the last seven digits of your phone number)
  • Follow the audio prompts to set your new password, record your greeting and configure your account settings
  • End the call by pressing the red button and follow the same “Call Voicemail” steps to check voicemail notifications in the future

5: Making a Call #

Placing a Call Explained

  • The phone must be used outside, away from trees and tall buildings
  • Power-on by pressing the black button on the top of the phone
  • The phone will display “searching for network” and then “Registered” – if the phone has been left on while you are inside a building it will take longer to find and register with the network in order to save power – to accelerate the network registration, turn the phone off and on once outside
  • Prior to making a call, extend the antenna completely and rotate it so it points directly upwards – ensure that the antenna is articulated left or right so it is oriented directly up when held to your ear during use
  • To make a call, enter the full dialing sequence: 00 or + [Country Code] [Phone Number]
  • Press the Green Key to initiate the call and press the Red Key to end the call – when the call is complete, return the antenna to the center position, then retract the antenna for storage when the phone is not in use
  • To store contacts, select “Menu”“My Phonebook”“Options” – and then “New” to create and save a New Entry

6: Send a Text Message (SMS) #

Send Text Messages Explanation

  • You can send and receive text messages and short emails using your Iridium Extreme – prior to sending short emails, it is helpful to store email addresses in your phonebook to automate delivery
  • To enable the predictive text software on your phone, select “Setup” from the main menu, then “Language” – then “Text Entry” and change the setting from “Multi-Tap” to “English”“French” or “Spanish” predictive text
  • To send a text message select “Messages” from the main menu, then “Create message” – if you wish to send to an email address that is not stored in your Iridium Extreme phonebook, type the email address, add a space, and then type your message
  • To type using predictive text entry, you may choose several different modes including word (ww), letter (lw), punctuation (#?@), and digits (123) by tapping the side convenience key
  • Once your message is completed, select “Options” – then “Send” – then “Add” and then you can either select a stored phonebook entry or manually enter a number – if you typed an email address in your message to send to an email address not stored in your phonebook, you must manually enter the number “+*2” in order to send to an email not stored in your phonebook
  • Your contacts may send you a message by visiting and selecting “Send a Satellite Message” by using your Iridium phone number or send an email to 8816[number]

7: Additional Tips #

Additional Tips

  • Keeping the phone’s battery charged ensures that the phone is ready for use when needed – for maximum battery performance, try to allow the phone’s battery to discharge completely before fully recharging
  • Protect the antenna by stowing it in the down position when not in use
  • Your phone can be programmed to automatically add the international access code (00 or +) to each number you dial – from the main menu, select “Setup” and then “Number Entry”

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