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CloudConnect Overview Through Iridium

CloudConnect is the first and only global cloud-based satellite solution. Together with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Iridium CloudConnect provides a powerful tool for developers seeking a singular communications platform to manage connected devices.

CloudConnect – How It Works #

Iridium CloudConnect enables devices to send and receive messages through the AWS-hosted service without having to develop a connecting service to the Iridium Short Burst Data® (SBD®) gateway.

Data Transfer: Data is transferred through closed carrier networks and dedicated secure private connections between Iridium and AWS.

Authentication: Iridium CloudConnect is set up using cross-account authentication, and a simple script that creates the necessary infrastructure.

Data Delivery: Customers receive their SBD device data in a Simple Queue Service (SQS) queue in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.

Private Queues: Queues reside in the customer’s own AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) environment.

Key Advantages #

Reduce engineering efforts, lower fixed operating costs, and reduce time to develop new products and services with Iridium CloudConnect, using widely adopted data exchange methods and the associated capabilities and services available through AWS.

  • Industry Standards
    Aligns with industry evolving IoT messaging standards and message protocols
  • Secure & Private
    Uses a dedicated secure and private connection that directly connects Iridium to AWS without using the public Internet
  • Easy Upgrades
    Iridium will add/upgrade future messaging options without changes to the Iridium CloudConnect partner interface
  • Coverage
    Leverages Iridium’s global network and AWS’s global, redundant infrastructure and support
  • Messaging Queue
    SBD messages converted to JSON are placed in a Simple Queue Service (SQS) queue in a partner’s AWS cloud environment
  • Iridium Short Burst Data
    Does not replace any SBD functionality – current backend delivery options remain as they are today

For more information on CloudConnect, click here.

Iridium is the only network that completely covers the globe because to its distinctive constellation architecture.
Cross-linking satellites creates dependable, low-latency, weather-resistant links that make it possible to communicate anywhere in the world.

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