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Global Broadband With Iridium Communications Network


The Ideal Choice for Global Broadband #

Businesses and organizations everywhere need access to the advantages that only broadband can deliver. Iridium meets this rapidly growing global demand like no one else can. Through Iridium Certus and Iridium OpenPort, Iridium continues to deliver performance and value, supporting essential high-speed voice and data connections anywhere on the planet.

Everything You Need, at a Fair Price #

Iridium Broadband solutions feature low total cost of ownership and deliver exceptional performance, durability and value. Flexible service plans allow you to satisfy all your voice and data communications needs at a fair price.

A Whole New World of Possibilities #

Iridium Certus features dramatically increased speeds for voice and data communications, enabling a whole new world of broadband possibilities. For existing customers, Iridium OpenPort will continue to deliver mission-critical communications anywhere on the planet.


Applications for Any Market #

Iridium Certus sets the standard for remote communications and connectivity for enterprises, governments, and individuals across maritime, IoT, aviation, and land mobile markets. With Iridium Certus, users can extend their mobile networks into remote areas, without having to deploy new infrastructure or expensive terminals, enabling critical communications anywhere on the planet.

Global Broadband Technology #

The Iridium Certus 9810 is the first transceiver to support the Iridium Certus services. With speeds up to 704 Kbps, this transceiver is a scalable, multi-service module, that enables value-added partners to develop new Iridium Connected products specifically for Iridium Certus. Combined with a new open interface and API, Iridium Certus 9810 supports higher speeds and allows Iridium partners to quickly add capabilities such as Iridium Short Burst Data to a vast array of solutions across vertical markets.

Small Enough to Take Anywhere #

Compact Iridium technology brings advantages to a spectrum of broadband needs that are hard to match:

  • Small antennas and devices that power a whole new class of broadband products
  • Small form factors for real mobility
  • Low equipment costs to put global broadband in the hands of those who need it

Extending Broadband to Meet Market and Industry Needs #

Iridium Broadband solutions are fully adaptable, allowing Iridium to deliver what you need with the world’s furthest reaching network. Iridium and its partners continue the evolution of global broadband with new solutions across a range of industries, including:

  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Transportation
  • Government and NGO
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Oil and Gas
  • Emergency Response

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