Iridium GO App iOS App v1.6.21 Update Available

Iridium GO App
iOS App v1.6.21 Update Available #

An update is now available for the Iridium GO App for iOS devices and can be accessed via the Apple App Store. App version 1.6.21 , has the following updates:

  • Fixes the SMS threading issue, where the texts were being dated one day in future as the app was not accounting for leap years
  • Allows texts to 2888
  • Fixes the issue where special characters in the synced contacts were replaced with a ‘dot’, it now removes all special characters except ‘plus’ +
  • Minor user interface updates  throughout the app
  • Fixes few hidden texts issues in dark mode
  • Enhance overall app performance improvement

While this release is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended that the update be performed as soon as possible to enable the best service experience.

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