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Portable Satellite Push to Talk

The Iridium satellite communication network is used by the first handheld portable satellite push to talk radio, the IC-SAT100. When the transmit (PTT) button is pressed, the IC-SAT100 will offer radio services to numerous customers, unlike satellite phones. It can be used as a communication tool in remote, undeveloped places like mountains, remote islands, and deserts that lack landline or mobile phone infrastructure. In the event that a natural or man-made calamity renders the infrastructure of a terrestrial network unworkable, satellite communication can offer a reliable backup that is not connected to other networks.

One-To-Many Communications

A portable two-way radio system that makes use of the Iridium satellite network is called satellite PTT (Push-To-Talk). It can be used to communicate in rural, undeveloped locations devoid of landline or mobile phone infrastructure. Whether a natural or man-made calamity renders the infrastructure of a terrestrial network unworkable, Satellite PTT via the IC-SAT100 can offer a reliable backup that is not connected to any other networks. Users of the IC-SAT100 can start speaking to all the radios in the same talkgroup with simply the push of a button, unlike users of satellite phones.

PTT Talk Groups

A group of Push-to-Talk handset-radios that function on the same channel are referred to as a talkgroup. The ability to drag and drop radios into particular chat groups via the command center interface is what makes Iridium PTT special. In the portal, the end user can specify the places where the radios will be used. Despite the fact that PTT is available everywhere, the real service areas are one or more bordered areas marked on a Google map inside the portal. These features are all developed by the subscriber and implemented right away in real time. The size of talkgroups is measured in square kilometers. Everywhere on the earth, the real square kilometers can be divided up into numerous service areas. Any number of phones can be allocated to a talkgroup. The ICOM handset will communicate with every other handset in the Talkgroup(s) it is assigned to when the PTT button is pressed.

Command Center Portal

Administrators have a strong capability in the Command Center Portal that allows them to quickly add PTT radios to a Talkgroup and establish its service areas. A Talkgroup’s radios can quickly communicate with radios in all of its service territories. Service regions can be established right away and can be located anywhere in the world.

Command Center – Features and Benefits

A quick overview to the tools the Command Center provide the subscriber are:

1. On a global interactive map, the creation of PTT service regions for each Talkgroup.
2. To ensure that the transmitter’s name appears on all receivers’ handset displays, give each PTT radio a name.
3. Give each Talkgroup a name, which also appears on the displays on the handsets.
4. Remove all PTT radios from Talkgroups or drag and drop them onto at least one Talkgroup.
5. Each Talkgroup’s PTT service zones can be drawn or updated at any moment (there is no cost to make updates).
6. For User (read-only), Admin (can update), and Super Admin, add more administrators.

Unlimited Talk Time

You can talk for as long as you want for a small monthly charge. What could be more cost-effective than utilizing a highly functional radio network that operates all over the world, requires no towers for maintenance, and can be deployed right away for a fraction of the price of conventional radio systems? Maintain constant communication amongst people.


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