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Thuraya Fax Service Discontinuation

We would like to inform you that Thuraya has announced the Thuraya Fax Service Discontinuation as of July 1st, 2021. Please see more details from Thuraya below.

Why is the fax service being discontinued?
Fax is a legacy service with most Thuraya customers already migrated to a more advanced solution. As Thuraya is currently upgrading their core network from 2/2.5G to 4G ready technology – an important milestone and requirement to continue delivering quality solutions, they decided to discontinue this outdated technology.

What happens to the monthly fee for fax service?
A monthly fee is currently applicable on subscription to ‘Fax and Data 9.6kbps.’ On July 1st, 2021 the Thuraya Fax Service Discontinuation will be complete and the fax service will no longer be available for activation. The monthly fee for customers who have subscribed to ‘fax only’ shall be discontinued by Thuraya.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us at any time: Contact Us.

Apollo Satellite is committed to serve our customers with the highest quality of service that we can provide. We believe in providing our deserving community superior customer support. APOLLO customer service is based on five core values: A win-win attitude, being humble, wow in service, efficiency and quality, and teamwork.

Al Yah Satellite Communications Corporation P.J.S.C. (Yahsat), established in the UAE, is a public company and a subsidiary of Mubadala Investment Company. Thuraya is a mobile satellite services subsidiary of Yahsat. The first domestic satellite operator in the UAE was Thuraya, which was founded in 1997. For a variety of industries, including energy, government, broadcast media, maritime, military, aerospace, and humanitarian NGO, we provide cutting-edge communications solutions.

By using MSS, VSAT, and our exceptional GSM roaming capabilities, their superior network provides clear communications and uninterrupted coverage throughout two-thirds of the world. The vast selection of reliable mobile satellite handsets and broadband devices offered by Thuraya are user-friendly, economical, high-quality, and efficient. By providing solutions and supporting applications that address the continually shifting nature of market demands, we stay ahead through pertinent relationships.
Thuraya is still dedicated to keeping everyone reachable in any situation by making the necessary tools for crucial connectivity available to everybody.

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