Land Mobile Global Communications With Iridium

Land Mobile Global Communications With Iridium #

The Ultimate in Dependable Global Mobile Communications #

People everywhere are moving beyond the reach of traditional networks and expecting their
connected experience to travel with them, wherever they go.

Leveraging the world’s furthest reaching network, Iridium and its partners deliver ongoing innovation in global
mobile communications, to help make more of the connections that matter — anywhere on
the planet and in ways never thought possible.


Learn More About Icom Inc.’s New Satellite PTT Handheld Radio #

Icom’s IC-SAT100 allows users from around the world to communicate with a group of PTT radios at the push of a button. To do this, the IC-SAT100 utilizes the Iridium Satellite Network covering the earth including both poles providing wide area global communications anywhere on the planet.

The Power to Stay in Touch and Do More #

The omni-directional antenna design of Iridium’s land mobile solutions allows you to connect to the network anywhere there is an open view of the sky, giving you the ability to:

  • Keep track of personnel, assets and equipment
  • Optimize operations and reduce costs through uninterrupted voice and data communications
  • Count on a reliable critical lifeline in case of emergency
  • Generate new revenue by unlocking access to remote areas


Pushing the Boundaries of Communications Further Than Ever Before #

By giving its partners access to core technologies and toolkits that unlock the power of its network, Iridium enables its ecosystem to build more innovative land mobile products and services than any single company could achieve on its own.

Putting Reliable Communications Into the
Hands of Those Who Need Them Most #

Iridium is the catalyst for a growing number of cutting-edge mobile voice and data solutions across a range of industries, including:

  • Emergency response
  • Government and military
  • Transportation
  • Heavy equipment
  • Scientific research
  • Energy and utilities
  • Travel


Connecting the World Like No Other #

Enhanced with a variety of high-value features and services, Iridium handsets and other land mobile solutions deliver more innovative capability — and more ways to connect — than any other on the market.

The Smarter, Tougher Satellite Phone #

The Iridium Extreme® satellite handset puts a rugged, versatile and high-performance communications solution in the palm of your hand, giving you global access to voice, SMS and location-based services, plus an integrated SOS button.

Push-to-Talk the Way it Was Meant to Be #

Iridium Extreme PTT is the world’s first ever truly global push-to-talk device. Powered by the Iridium Push-to-Talk service, it combines fast, simple and secure group communications with the power of the toughest, most feature-rich satellite phone ever.

Never Be Out of Reach Again #

Iridium 9555 is compact, lightweight, and easy to use — with an amazingly intuitive interface and a sleek design. Whether it is for leisure or emergency situations, Iridium 9555 simply works.

Personal Devices Now Work Everywhere #

Iridium GO creates the world’s only reliable global connection for voice and data messaging on up to five mobile devices. Stay in touch through optimized applications and enhanced email capabilities available through Iridium Apps page.

Autonomous Vehicles #

As the world’s only truly global communications network, Iridium® enables hybrid connectivity solutions for unmanned or autonomous vehicles combining the benefits of the reliable, global Iridium network with terrestrial network coverage for:

  • Remote Delivery
  • Autonomous Transportation
  • Autonomous Mining, Farming, and Construction Applications

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