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Updated Iridium GO App Now Available for iOS and Android

Updated Iridium GO App
Now Available for iOS and Android #

Overview #

Iridium is excited to announce the release of the updated Iridium GO app with a redesigned interface. The updated version is now available through the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play.

The updated Iridium GO App features user-friendly welcome screens with tips and best practices to help customers use their Iridium GO with ease. The new welcome screens automatically launch upon first use of the app, and can be referenced at anytime within the app’s help section. The updated gray color scheme and brightly colored icons helps to reduce glare, providing users comfort and ease of use in both light and night environments.

Apollo Satellite Communications always recommends that you use the latest software when operating your device. It is the only way to ensure that you are getting the best experience that you’ve come to expect from your Iridium GO and other devices from Iridium.

What’s New? #

  • New icons and graphics throughout the Iridium GO app
  • Updated buttons and pop-up notification screens
  • Updated screens for the call option with redesigned dialing keypad, incoming/outgoing call screens and buttons
  • Updated help section with best practices and tips
  • New graphics and full screen layout for terms and conditions screen with updated, concise functionality to choose “do not show”
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Enhancements #


  • Added support for Android 10
  • Added search option to enable typing in a name to search for contacts
  • Added quit option for Android version that enables you to exit the app

Apple iOS

  • Added support for iOS 13
  • Incoming calls and SMS notification updated. Click on the incoming call/SMS notification in your notification center to answer the call or view new SMS
  • Added support for contact images in contact list and detailed contact view
  • Improved ordering of the messages in the SMS conversation screen

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