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Outdoors and Connected With The Iridium Network


Explore the Whole World Without Leaving Yours Behind

The spirit of adventure knows no boundaries and if you are off the grid you would like to stay outdoors and connected if possible. Whether it is climbing mountains or sailing to far off locations, the ability to stay in touch gives outdoor enthusiasts and extreme sports athletes the freedom to push the limits of what they can do and where they can go.

Iridium and its partners provide reliable global voice and data communications that keep modern day adventurers connected to what matters most, everywhere on the planet.

Exceptional Performance for Expeditions of Any Size, Anywhere

A recognized leader in the global outdoor market, Iridium offers several key competitive advantages, including:

  • Reliable pole-to-pole satellite coverage, including the 80% of the globe not covered by terrestrial networks
  • Near real-time service to keep you connected on every adventure
  • One-rate, global usage pricing with no roaming charges
  • Portable devices, with “always-on” antennas and SOS capabilities
  • Superior network coverage in mountainous terrain, deserts, oceans, and arctic regions


Always at Your Side, Anywhere

Excursions to remote areas often involve risk. Fortunately, travelers can rely on Iridium-enabled, sensor-based personal tracking and messaging devices to share their locations and send distress alerts in case of emergency — giving them a critical lifeline when they need it.


Create a Basecamp Station in Any Location – Outdoors and Connected

From extreme environments to the most remote locations, only Iridium and its partners enable you to connect from anywhere. With the largest coverage area, and most reliable and affordable products and services, Iridium helps you stay within reach.


Taking Tracking and Safety to the Extreme

Taking capability to the extreme, the military-grade Iridium Extreme® offers these fully-integrated services:

  • Customizable global GPS, so you can view and share your coordinates
  • Online tracking, enabling you to send location updates to friends and family back home
  • Easy emergency response through one-touch SOS and two-way voice communication


Lose Yourself Without Losing Touch

Compact, rugged and portable, Iridium GO is the first-ever reliable global connection for voice and data communications on up to five smartphones or tablets, enabling:

  • Voice calls and text messaging
  • GPS tracking and SOS alerts
  • Third party apps optimized for weather, sailing GRIB files, and enhanced email capabilities

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