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Iridium GO Satellite Hub Quick Start Guide

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Iridium GO
Quick Start Guide #

To get started quickly and easily simply follow the step by step instructions below to get set up and stay connected no matter where you are on the planet!
Iridium GO Satellite Hub @ Apollo Satellite Communications

Iridium GO! Quick Start Guide - Image

Iridium GO Quick Start Guide #

Device Overview #

Iridium GO! Device Overview Image

Description #

  • 1: Device Screen
  • 2: Navigation Buttons
  • 3: Status LED
  • 4: Swivel Antenna
  • 5: Power Button
  • 6: USB Power/Data Connection
  • 7: SOS Button
  • 8: External Antenna Connector
    and Reset Button
  • 9: Lanyard Connector
  • 10: Battery Cover
  • 11: Accessory Connector (1/4″ Screw Mount)
  • 12: Loudspeaker
  • 13: Pressure Vent

Device Screen Overview #

Device Screen Overview Image

Device Screen Labels Image

Iridium GO! Quick Start Guide #

Step One: Setup Your Iridium GO! Device #

Step One Setup Image

Step Two: Set Up Your Smartphone #

Before using your Iridium GO Satellite Hub on the Iridium network, first download
and install the required applications using your standard wireless network.

Step Two Setup Image

Step Two Setup Image Two

Step Three: Set Up the Iridium GO App #

Iridium GO Satellite Hub - Step Three Setup Image

Iridium GO App Overview #

Iridium GO Satellite Hub - App Overview Image

App Overview Image Two

Iridium GO Satellite Hub - Setup SOS Image

Step Four: Use Your Iridium GO! App #

Iridium GO Satellite Hub - Step Four Use Your App

Tips on Efficient Operation #

For the Iridium GO! to operate most efficiently:

  • 1: Keep the battery charged to ensure that the device is ready for use when needed.
  • 2: Ensure antenna is pointed directly up with a clear unobstructed view of the sky.
  • 3: Ensure your smartphone or device is within the approximately 30 m (100 ft) Wi-Fi range.
  • 4: Do not touch the antenna unnecessarily when the Iridium GO! device is in use.

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