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Internet of Things Through Iridium

Iridium Internet of Things #


A Fast Growing Market, Transforming Like No Other #

Global businesses need access to global data. That’s why, every day, leading companies turn to the world’s only truly global Internet of Things (IoT) network to maximize efficiencies and competitiveness, and enable data accessibility, everywhere.

With a no-compromise communications model, Iridium IoT powers new innovation and opportunity through a unique combination of global network connectivity, industry-leading core technology and an ecosystem of partners with expertise in virtually every market.

Internet of Things Goes Global with Iridium CloudConnect #

Iridium CloudConnect is the first and only satellite cloud-based solution that offers truly global coverage for Internet of Things applications through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Together with AWS, Iridium CloudConnect provides a powerful tool for developers seeking a singular communications platform to manage connected devices. Now with Iridium CloudConnect, Internet of Things devices can leverage the Iridium network anywhere in the world.

Iridium CloudConnect makes it easier for new and existing Iridium and AWS customers to do business by “translating” industry-standard IoT protocols and Iridium Short Burst Data, allowing them to communicate with one another. This exchange enables any Internet of Things device connected through the Iridium network to speak natively with Amazon’s cloud-based server and its user interfaces.

This solution will allow Iridium customers to create end-to-end data transmission programs for IoT systems hosted on Amazon’s cloud-based server with:

  • Lower Development and Operating Costs
  • Reduced Engineering Efforts
  • Faster Speeds to Market
  • Upgrades to Support for New Iridium Protocols, Devices, and Services

Autonomous Systems #

As the only truly global communications network for Internet of Things, Iridium enables remote solutions for unmanned vehicle systems, making work safer and more efficient across land, air, and sea markets. Reliable connectivity with Global Line of Sight is never out of reach for applications including:

  • Infrastructure & Industrial Inspection
  • Remote Package Delivery
  • Disaster Assessment
  • First Response
  • Remote Sensing
  • Government & Military
  • Scientific Research

Iridium Internet of Things – Exceptional Reach, Reliability and Return on Investment #

A recognized leader in Internet of Things (IoT) communications, Iridium works with partners to offer key advantages to organizations around the globe.

  • One-price, Truly Global Coverage
  • Low-latency and Near Real-time Data Delivery
  • Low-cost, Ultra-light Transceivers

Delivering New Business Opportunities #

With machine-to-machine technology enabling millions of intelligent data conversations, Iridium Internet of Things technology gives businesses the power to track, monitor and manage just-in-time inventories, enterprise fleets, energy grids, remote infrastructure, emergency operations, personnel deployments, natural processes — and more.

The Power To Do Much More #

Through a variety of Iridium-connected solutions, Iridium and its partners provide organizations around the world with the ability to:

  • Dramatically Extend Their Reach Beyond Terrestrial Networks
  • Make More Informed Decisions with Real-time Access to Data
  • Optimize Operations and Reduce Costs by Increasing Efficiencies
  • Protect Critical assets and Equipment Through Global Tracking and Monitoring
  • Generate New Revenue by Unlocking Opportunities in Remote Areas


Driving IoT Innovation #

With over 300 partners leveraging Iridium’s core technology, Iridium is the catalyst for new cutting-edge IoT products and services, maximizing the full value of global communications within Iridium of Things.

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