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Iridium Global Network


Everywhere Under One Sky #

In a world where global communications are increasingly critical, only one company connects everyone to the things that matter most, from pole to pole with the Iridium Global Network.

Powered by a uniquely sophisticated global constellation of 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, the Iridium network provides high-quality voice and data connections over the planet’s entire surface, including across oceans, airways and polar regions.

Unparalleled Reach and High Dependability #

For customers, the unparalleled coverage and high dependability of the Iridium network means they can rely on their critical communication lifelines to work when they need them most — anywhere.

Push-to-Talk the Way it Was Meant to Be #

Iridium Extreme PTT is the world’s first ever truly global push-to-talk device. Powered by the Iridium Push-to-Talk service, it combines fast, simple and secure group communications with the power of the toughest, most feature-rich satellite phone ever.

Reliability Above All #

In early 2019, Iridium completed the $3 billion Iridium NEXT mission, which completely replaced the first-generation Iridium constellation. With an upgraded network, Iridium is poised now more than ever to meet the growing demand for global communications on land, at sea, and in the skies – far into the future.


A Uniquely Sophisticated Architecture #

Iridium operates the world’s largest commercial constellation, with a mesh architecture of 66 cross-linked
Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites providing inherent performance and dependability advantages over bent pipe geostationary (GEO) configurations.

The Low-Earth Orbit Advantage #

At only 476 miles (780 km) from the Earth, the proximity of Iridium’s LEO network means pole-to-pole coverage, a shorter transmission path, stronger signals, lower latency and shorter registration time than with GEO satellites.

Iridium is a multinational satellite communications firm that offers voice and data services to customers anywhere on the planet.
Iridium’s network links people and devices in the farthest reaches of the globe as well as close to home thanks to its constellation of satellites.

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