Iridium Certus Military Use Case

Iridium Certus Military Use Case Command Center - Command & Control, Personnel & Vehicle Tracking, Chat Messaging, PTT Voice Communications Military Personnel - Battlefield Mapping Mission Tools, Persistent Cellular-to-Satellite Connection, Precise Targeting, Geographic Intelligence
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Iridium Certus IoT Infographic

Iridium Certus IoT Services - Reliable Data Connectivity. Absolutely Everywhere.

Iridium Certus Land Fact Sheet

Iridium Certus will extend the reach of terrestrial and cellular infrastructure like never before with truly mobile communications capabilities, making it ideal for supporting critical connectivity needs regardless of location, terrain and weather events.

Iridium Certus Maritime Fact Sheet

Iridium Certus Maritime Fact Sheet Redefining Mobile Communications at Sea Iridium Certus, a new mobile broadband capability offered by Iridium, will deliver the most reliable service, combined with the highest L-Band speeds, to any place on earth – finally offering a real choice and superior connectivity alternative for the maritime community. With low-cost yet highly

Iridium Certus Brochure

Iridium Certus is the new multi-service platform powered by the Iridium network. With uncompromising coverage and a range of speeds debuting at 352 kbps, upgradable to 1408 kbps, the system will deliver global, reliable, enterprise-grade services while redefining the capabilities of mobile satellite communications. Through Iridium Certus, we’re making broadband truly mobile and truly global.

Iridium Certus Aviation Use Cases

Iridium Certus Aviation Use Cases - Business, Commercial, General, Rotocraft, UAV

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