Inmarsat’s Military Satellite Communications – L-TAC

Inmarsat’s L-TAC #

Military Satellite Communications #

L-TAC – Tactical SATCOMS from Military Radios #

Inmarsat’s L-TAC service enables a Tactical UHF Satellite (TACSAT) experience for both military and non-military government radio network users, through the combination of Inmarsat’s L-band satellite network, a Slingshot frequency converter and a Spectra portable L-band antenna.

The service can be leased for a fixed period (minimum one month) and provides a complementary service to existing UHF/VHF SATCOM channel availability. The SlingShot applique, combined with Inmarsat’s L-TAC lease service, is fully flexible and designed to meet security and reliability requirements, cost-effectively. Once deployed, remote management and support is provided through a 24/7 network operation centre.

The service offers a combination of reliable voice and data connectivity that is available globally, independently of local infrastructure. It is also quick to set up, providing a fully configured solution, which needs minimal user intervention before deployment.


Features and Benefits #

Voice and data BLOS
Achieve beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS) communications without having to re-equip or re-train. By converting in-service UHF and VHF radios into SATCOM devices, SlingShot delivers BLOS voice and data communications – and extends rangefrom tens to hundreds of thousands of miles.

SlingShot has Manpack, Vehicle, Maritime and Aviation configurations. The omni-directional antennas mean that communications on-the-move (COTM) is truly effective.Vehicle testing has been successful at speeds in excess of 80mph, with no loss of signal or quality, and maritime speeds of 40 knots, with high-force turns that have been reached with no loss of service.

Radio agnostic and transparent
Converts in-service UHF & VHF radios to L-band SATCOM, enabling interoperability between agencies without any change to in-service equipment or security. The radio operates in exactly the same way as it does in line- of-sight mode, providing a significant range extension. Depending on the satellite option chosen, this could be many thousands of miles within a single satellite footprint or globally, if switched between satellites.

Flexible airtime leasing
Vastly reduce the cost of SATCOM by using L-band commercial SATCOM and only leasing the service in the areas you require, for the time period you require.

Infrastructure independent
With Inmarsat’s I-4 constellation of satellites, it doesn’t matter where in the world you deploy or what distance you need to maintain voice and data communications.

Small size and weight with low power consumption
Real estate on mounted platforms is limited and dismounted personnel face a great challenge if technology reduces the amount of food, water and supplies that can be carried. The SlingShot footprint is minimal and the Manpack system can take power from radio batteries, which means the operator isn’t required to purchase or carry different battery types and support different charging systems.

Complements existing military capacity
Many modern operations include coordination with multiple agencies, some of which will have different radio systems. Slingshot can bring these disparate systems together without additional re-equipping and without a heavy training tariff.

Support UHF and VHF military and commercial frequencies
VHF and UHF radios of different manufacture can use Slingshot to convert to BLOS devices that can communicate with each other. Systems are available for Manpack, Vehicle and Maritime and Aviation, meaning travelling teams can maintain contact.

Hardware and Specs #


Application Military Satellite Communications - Table-img-2

UHF Military Band Manpack

Military Satellite Communications - Table-img1

UHF Military Band Vehicular/Maritime

Military Satellite Communications - Table-img-2

VHF Military Band Manpack

Military Satellite Communications - Table-img1

VHF Military Band Vehicular/Maritime

Military Satellite Communications - Table-img-4

VHF Commercial Band Manpack

Military Satellite Communications - Table-img-5

VHF Com-Band Vehicular/Maritime

Spectra Part Number  SG-SS-1002  SG-SS-1001  SG-SS-1004  SG-SS-1003  SG-SS-1006  SG-SS-1005
Input Frequency Band  240-311MHZ  240-311MHZ  58-88MHZ  58-88MHZ  144-174MHZ  144-174MHZ
Size (mm)  170 x 75 x 30  170 x 87 x 30  204 x 75 x 30  204 x 87 x 30  170 x 75 x 30  170 x 87 x 30
Weight (g)  507  489  605  550  507  489
Color  Matt Black  Matt Black  NATO Green  NATO Green  Matt Grey  Matt Grey
RF Power Input Required  2 – 4 Watts  2 – 4 Watts  3 – 10 Watts  3 – 10 Watts  3 – 10 Watts  3 – 10 Watts


Antenna Military Satellite Communications - tbl-1-1L-band
Vehicular Antenna
Military Satellite Communications - tbl-2L-band
Maritime Antenna
Military Satellite Communications - tbl-3L-band
Manpack Antenna
Military Satellite Communications - tbl-4L-band
Aviation Antenna
Short Title Ae-V Ae-MT Ae-M Ae-A
Spectra Part Number SG-SS-2001A SG-SS-2002  SG-SS-2003  SG-SS-2004
Size (mm)  146 x 72  150 x 142  76 x 153  111 x 143 x 38
Weight (g)  667  705  305  385
Approvals FCC Part15
Canada 310
DTM:Inmarsat 1401
FCC Part15
Canada 310
DTM:Inmarsat 1401
FCC Part15 N/A
DTM:Inmarsat 1401
TSO-C132 in progress
Color  Khaki  Grey  Khaki  White
Connectors  RF-SMA  RF-SMA  RF-BNC  RF-TNC
Standard Mounts  Mag-Mount Base  Pole-Mount Bracket  Screw Mount  ARINC-743 footprint
Optional Mounts  Antenna Mount Clamp Set  Antenna Mount Clamp Set Antenna Mount Clamp Set
Elevated Pole Set
Extendable System


Battery Military Satellite Communications - tbl3-1PSU
Military Satellite Communications - tbl3-2Battery Cop
2590 & 5590
Military Satellite Communications - tbl3-3Battery Cop
MBITR & 152
Military Satellite Communications - tbl3-4Ops Room
Main cvtr.
Short Title  PSU-VMT  BC-2590/5590  BC-MBITR/152  PSM-AC
Spectra Part Number  SG-SS-3001 SG-SS-3009-0.5
Input Power  12 – 24 V DC Standard 5590/2590
Battery Interface
Standard MBITR/152
Battery Interface
 100 – 240V AC
Size (mm)  140 x 91 x 58  119 x 70 x 33  67 x 93 x 53  139 x 53 x 32
Weight (g)  509  325  183  247
Color  Black  Black  Black  Black
Ingress Protection  IP67  IP55 (when connected)  IP67 (when connected)  IP41 (indoor only)


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