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Iridium GO Mail and Web iOS App Update

Iridium GO Mail and Web
iOS App Update Available

A new update is now available for the Iridium GO Mail and Web App for iOS devices and can be accessed via the Apple App Store. App version 3.0.1 contains the following new features and updates:

Web Browsing:

  • The Iridium Mail and Web App now supports text-based web browsing on its 2.4kbps GO Internet/data connection.
  • Supported web browser updated to use XWEB application, the earlier version instead used an Opera Mini application.
  • The web functionality on iOS devices will now be comparable in functionality and performance to its Android counterpart.
  • Updated homepage
  • Updated the homepage shortcut webpage links for News, Weather, Reference, and Stocks. Below are screenshots of the new homepage:Iridium Mail and Web App Update
  • Added a website/html to text only converter option. This allows users to type/paste the URL/link of their choice and generate a text only version of that website that is suitable for viewing over satellite networks. Examples of the text only websites using the built in website to text convertor.
    Iridium Mail and Web App

Select Sort Option

  • Added a “Select Sort Option” function to the Inbox menu in the iOS Mail app.
  • Provides the end user with options to sort mail as follows:
    By Date (Oldest to Newest)
    By Subject (A to Z)
    By Sender (A to Z)

Send/Receive PDF Attachments

  • Added a “File” function to the Compose Message Attachments option in the iOS Mail App.
  • Provides the end user with the option to send and receive pdf files as attachments to the email.

Iridium Mail and Web App

Please note that due to the recent updates and changes to Apple’s app developer guidelines and policies, Iridium Mail and Web is no longer allowed to display the shortcuts/redirects for XWEB and Predictwind on its homepage that prompts the user to download third party apps from the Apple app store. The redirect icons on the homepage will be displayed once the end user has separately downloaded the XWEB and the Predictwind app by going to the Apple App store. If you do not see the WEB and/or the Predictwind option on your Iridium Mail and Web app homepage, please do the following.

  • Go to your Apple AppStore and download the XWEB APP and/or the Predictwind Offshore Weather App as required.
  • Once app download is complete restart your Iridium Mail and Web App by quitting the app and restarting it.  You can also just restart your smart device iPad/iPhone. Steps to restart the Iridium Mail and Web app is as follows:
    • Open the App Switcher and exit the Iridium Mail and Web app
      • iPhone X and later: Swipe up from the bottom edge and pause in the center of the screen. Now, either swipe up or click on the end button on top to quip the Iridium Mail and Web app.
      • Other models: Double-click the Home button. And swipe up the Iridium Mail and Web App to stop it.
    • Now go back and click on Iridium Mail and Web app. The Web and/or Predictwind icon/option should now be visible.
    • Please note: the Web browsing on iOS now works exactly like its android counterpart. All you are required to do is ensure XWEB is installed and Go to the WEB icon on the home screen, and click it. Will be presented with a “Web” screen. Click connect. XWeb will open, and you will be presented to the homepage.

While this release is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended that the update be performed as soon as possible to enable the best service experience.

If you need assistance please visit our Contact Page and send us a message or simply give us a call 24/7 at +1 (844) 248-0123.

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