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SIM Grace Period - Iridium Prepay Card

Iridium Prepay SIM Grace Period Extension from 90 to 270 days #

Iridium has announced that effective immediately they are extending the grace period of their prepay SIM cards. #

Previously, when a prepay voucher expired from using up the minutes or the expiration date the prepay SIM would remain active for 90 days before being deactivated. This 90 day grace period has now been extended to 270 days.

The extension is great news for Apollo SatCom clients! It provides a longer period of time before a SIM is deactivated, which helps avoid the reactivation fee or the need for a new Sim card.

Feel free to check out our prepay service packages here and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Apollo SatCom at: 1 (844) 248-0123

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