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Iridium Pilot End of Production Notice

Iridium Pilot End of Production Notice and OpenPort Plan Changes #

Overview – End of Production For This Tech and Changes Coming For Iridium OpenPort #

Iridium has advised that they will be ceasing production of the Iridium Pilot terminal in 2020. The last order date for the Iridium Pilot will be Friday June 26th, 2020. Please note that this end of production notice applies only to the manufacture and sale of Iridium Pilot hardware from Iridium. Going forward, the hardware will still be albe to be activated on the Iridium Network and the Iridium OpenPort service will still continue to operate as normal. If you have any questions on the changes mentioned or would like more information on Iridium Certus please Contact Apollo SatCom.

You can also simply call Apollo Satellite Communications at +1-844-248-0123. We are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions in general for satellite communications, any queries on Iridium Certus, the end of production notice for Iridium Pilot above, or any of the changes to the Iridium OpenPort service listed below.

At Apollo Satellite Communications we understand the need for 24/7 support so there is always a knowledgeable and understandable human being ready to help. With our comprehensive satellite networks we provide worldwide communication solutions for ground, airborne, and maritime platforms. We pride ourselves in carrying the latest high-quality equipment and accessories so you will not be left in the dark and without a signal. Our vendors and providers have been in the satcom business for decades. Thanks to their expertise, you know you are in safe hands. Apollo Satellite Communications is your one stop for everything satcom.

Iridium OpenPort Plan Changes #

Following the introduction of their new service, Iridium Certus, Iridium has made the decision to streamline their legacy Iridium OpenPort service.

The following changes will apply from 1st January 2020:

  • Iridium OpenPort 5GB plans will close to new activations
  • Iridium Combo plans will close to new activations

Please note that current subscribers can remain on the above mentioned plans until advised otherwise.

  • New Iridium OpenPort plans will be available to activate at 128kbps only

The following changes will apply from 1st April 2020: 

  • Per MB rate on the OMB plan is increasing
  • Per MB rate on the 1000MB plan is increasing

Please note that these changes will affect both existing and new activations from April 1st.

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