Recreation With Iridium Keeping You Connected Everywhere

Explore the Whole World – Recreation With Iridium #

The spirit of adventure knows no boundaries, especially when on recreation with Iridium. Whether it is climbing mountains or sailing to far off locations, the ability to stay in touch gives outdoor enthusiasts and extreme sports athletes the freedom to push the limits of what they can do and where they can go.

Iridium and its partners provide reliable global voice and data communications that keep modern day adventurers connected to what matters most while on recreation with Iridium, everywhere on the planet.

Exceptional Performance for Recreation or Expeditions of Any Size, Anywhere #

A recognized leader in the global outdoor market, Iridium offers several key competitive advantages, including:

  • Reliable pole-to-pole satellite coverage, including the 80% of the globe not covered by terrestrial networks
  • Near real-time service to keep you connected on every adventure
  • One-rate, global usage pricing with no roaming charges
  • Portable devices, with “always-on” antennas and SOS capabilities
  • Superior network coverage in mountainous terrain, deserts, oceans, and arctic regions


Always at Your Side, Anywhere #

Excursions to remote areas often involve risk. Fortunately, travelers can rely on Iridium-enabled, sensor-based personal tracking and messaging devices to share their locations and send distress alerts in case of emergency — giving them a critical lifeline when they need it.


Taking Tracking and Safety to the Extreme #

Taking capability to the extreme, the military-grade Iridium Extreme offers these fully-integrated services:

  • Customizable global GPS, so you can view and share your coordinates
  • Online tracking, enabling you to send location updates to friends and family back home
  • Easy emergency response through one-touch SOS and two-way voice communication


Create a Basecamp Station in Any Location #

From extreme environments to the most remote locations, only Iridium and its partners enable you to connect from anywhere. With the largest coverage area, and most reliable and affordable products and services, Iridium helps you stay within reach.


Connecting the World Like No Other #

Enhanced with high-value features and services, Iridium handsets put innovative capability — and more ways to connect — into the hands of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere

Embrace the Spirit of the Sea With Reliable Global Connections #

Few things are more liberating than cruising on the open water — just you, the wind and the waves. But this sense of freedom can quickly disappear when trouble arises and you need to reach out for help. Iridium is there to make sure your voyage is an adventure, not your communications.

Iridium and its partners provide a range of reliable global voice and data communications products and services that keep boat owners connected to what matters most, everywhere.

  • Flexible and competitive airtime packages
  • Below deck equipment that is easily mounted in tight

Exceptional Performance for Adventures of Any Size, Anywhere #

As a recognized marine satellite communications leader, Iridium works with over 400 technology partners to offer mariners many key advantages, including:

  • Satellite coverage from the Mediterranean Sea to the Alaskan coast, or anywhere on the globe
  • Compact and low-cost above-deck equipment that will fit on boats as small as six meters
  • Flexible and competitive airtime packages
  • Below deck equipment that is easily mounted in tight spaces


A Link from Ship to Shore #

With a range of cost-effective communications products and services, Iridium and its partners help boat owners run a tight ship by providing:

  • Communications to shore through low-cost voice
  • Low-cost access to critical data, such as weather information, including water temperature, wind speed and local forecasts
  • Access to applications for social media and marina services
  • A choice of rugged and compact, SOS-enabled devices providing a crucial link to shore and to peace of mind

Iridium Certus #

High Performance in Tough Conditions #

Backed by an industry-leading portfolio of equipment, Iridium Certus is the only global, reliable connection for broadband voice and data maritime communications — supporting leisure boaters with exceptional performance, durability, and value while at sea. Iridium Certus is changing the face of maritime communications with never before seen speeds and convenience.


In Touch With Who Matters Most #

Being at sea for extended periods of time can make passengers long for home. The ability to talk on the phone and exchange messages with loved ones can help to keep the adventure alive — something that can only be performed while on recreation with Iridium.

The Low-Earth Orbit Advantage #

At only 476 miles (780 km) from the Earth, the proximity of Iridium’s LEO network means pole-to-pole coverage, a shorter transmission path, stronger signals, lower latency and shorter registration time than with GEO satellites.

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