Communications Solutions At Sea By Iridium Certus


Clear Sailing with Secure Voice and Data Communications #

Iridium communications solutions ensure governments and agencies have access to secure, reliable communications to support missions and achieve objectives — from coastline to deep ocean, anywhere on the planet. Communications solutions at sea with Iridium always keeps you connected.

Compact and portable military-grade devices deliver real-time voice and low-latency data connections, asset tracking and environmental monitoring capabilities. Over a highly reliable network with 100% global coverage, Iridium keeps you connected wherever your team is needed — even in the most remote waters.

A Watershed Contract for EMSS #

Take advantage of a first-of-its-kind fixed-price contract between Iridium and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) enabling Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS) capabilities. Benefit from unlimited usage for unlimited subscribers on Iridium devices offering secure global handheld voice, data, tracking, Short Burst Data (SBD) and Netted Iridium® (DTCS) services.


Opening a Channel Like No One Else Can #

As the only NSA type-1 approved commercial operator, Iridium offers unmatched security for ship to ship or ship to shore communications. The Iridium 9505A is the only satellite phone available for provision on the dedicated US Department of Defense (DoD) Gateway. Coupled with the Iridium Security Module, it delivers secure global communications for any situation at sea. Communications solutions at sea with Iridium always keeps you connected.


Cast a Wider Net for Tactical Communications #

Commonly known as DTCS, Netted Iridium delivers networked, real-time voice and low-latency data services for all mobile and tactical communications. It provides reliable over-the-horizon, on the move, and beyond line of site voice and data communications with global push-to-talk capability for an unlimited number of users on ship or shore over a single secure channel.


A Portable, Reliable and Global Data Advantage #

Access to up-to-date information can be critical to achieving your objectives. Embedded Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) encrypted solutions for asset tracking, remote sensing and environmental monitoring deliver a powerful advantage.

Built to survive in harsh environments and compact enough to incorporate into devices aboard vessels, sea gliders, platforms and buoys, Iridium-enabled tracking and monitoring solutions deliver data visibility in near real-time, and are ready to embark when you are — anywhere on the planet.

A Tide of Timely Oceanographic Data #

Be ready to react and respond to changing conditions, rapidly developing weather systems and extreme natural events. Stay connected to weather monitoring assets around the globe and leverage the power of high-value Internet of Things (IoT) data to make informed decisions with up-to-the-minute information.

Gather valuable scientific data in near real time from even the most remote areas. IoT oceanography solutions from Iridium and its partners allow you to track and monitor:

  • Ocean conditions
  • Tides and currents
  • Marine life
  • Ecosystem health
  • Climate change
  • Weather patterns

Protecting Coastlines and National Security #

Iridium and its partners deliver remote surveillance, detection and alerting solutions to help you make informed decisions. Monitor and manage assets, preserve coastal security, reduce impact of transportation, recreation and natural disasters, and respond rapidly to any situation when and where the need arises.

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