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Caller ID FAQ Iridium Satellite Communications

Caller ID FAQ Iridium Satellite Communications #

If you are confused about caller ID with satellite communications then you are in the right spot with Caller ID FAQ! These are some simple frequently asked questions about Iridium Satellite Communications Caller ID to help customers get a better grasp of what they can do with their Iridium satellite communications devices. Please contact Apollo SatCom with any questions: Apollo SatCom Contact

When is Caller ID available?
It is actually available now. It was made available to both existing and new customers in January and is automatically enabled and a part of regular service going forward.

Which devices are enabled?
This feature is for Iridium handsets and LBTs utilizing Iridium’s voice service packages.

What IT changes does my partner need to make to take advantage of Caller ID?
No changes or integration is required, this was automatically added to existing voice service packages for existing and new subscribers.

What is the cost of Caller ID?
There is no additional charge for Caller ID, it is included in the wholesale subscription fees for the voice service packages that we offer to our service providers.

Is Caller ID available as an optional add-on?
No, Caller ID is not optional. Like mobile and terrestrial networks, Caller ID is a feature that users expect and we’ve enabled it for them at no additional charge.

Is Caller ID available on the DoD Gateway?
No, Caller ID is only enabled for commercial subscribers that utilize the commercial gateway and commercial service packages.

Is it possible to block Caller ID when calling from the Iridium handset?
Not at this time.

Can Caller ID be disabled on the Iridium handset?
Not at this time.

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