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New RedPort Halo Pro App

RedPort Halo Pro App #

With the launch of the new Halo Pro dual-band long-range Wi-Fi extender, the Halo Wi-Fi mobile apps has been updated as well. The mobile apps make it easy to manage your Halo system from your iOS and Android devices.

Halo Wi-Fi App for Android

Halo Wi-Fi App for iOS

RedPort Halo WiFi Launch Details #


Overview #

Introducing Halo Pro, the new dual-band long-range Wi-Fi extender system from RedPort. Halo Pro lets you connect to remote Wi-Fi sources on either 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands, and features a new easy-to-use interface that makes logging into Wi-Fi hotspots with captive portals even easier. Like the classic Halo, Halo Pro provides the same 1″ wide, 14 T.P.I. connector to use with industry-standard mounts.

Halo Pro works by using a high-powered 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi extender antenna to pull in the signal from the remote router and then rebroadcast it using the included Optimizer hotspot. You can connect to Halo’s included Optimizer over Wi-Fi, directly by Ethernet, or with the Halo Wi-Fi app on iOS and Android devices. Halo will help you get the most connectivity out of any remote Wi-Fi source.

What’s In the Box:

  • RedPort Optimizer
  • RedPort Pro Wi-Fi Extender
  • 14 TPI 1″ Extender Connector Base (mount not included)
  • 110/220V 12V 4A Power Adapter with International Power Plug Adapters
  • 32.8′ (10m) Ethernet Cable
  • User Documentation


  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi Network Connectivity
  • Connect multiple smartphones, tablets, or computers at the same time
  • Works with MAC, PC, iOS, and Android
  • Simple Installation and cabling – straight Ethernet between extender and hotspot
  • Halo Wi-Fi App Compatible – Easy scan and connect
  • Marine-grade construction
  • 1-year limited RedPort warranty


The top independent satellite product and service developer in the world is RedPort. We know how to help you make the most of your satellite airtime because satellite data service is fundamentally different from terrestrial Internet service. RedPort is optimizing airtime and has updated the RedPort Halo Pro App.

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