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Iridium GO iOS and Android App Quick Start Guide

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Iridium GO iOS App
Quick Start Guide #

Iridium GO! - iOS and Android App Quick Start Guide - Device

Wi-Fi Connectivity #

Your smartphone or tablet device MUST be connected via Wi-Fi to Iridium GO! (ex. “Iridium-06088”) in order for the Iridium GO! application to login successfully and operate. Please check the Wireless Network Settings on your smartphone or tablet as they may have changed to another Wi-Fi network (such as your home or office Wi-Fi).

Login #

To login to the Iridium GO! application, press the Login button located at the bottom of the application home screen to enter your user name and password. The Iridium GO! application provides a default user name of “guest” with a password of “guest” (both the user name and password are case sensitive). Up to 5 users can concurrently send messages (Tracking, Twitter, SMS) while only one active call (voice or internet) can occur at the same time.

Call #

To make a call, enter the full dialing sequence: 00 or + [Country Code] [Phone Number] using the country/flag drop-down if required, or select a Contact. Press the green key to initiate the call and press the red key to end the call.

Contacts #

Existing contacts that are stored in your smartphone must be updated to the full internal dialing sequence in order to connect calls: 00 or + [Country Code] [Phone Number]. All Iridium shared Contacts, Recents, and Favorites must be stored in this international dialing format in order to connect properly. Personal contacts are stored on the individual’s phone or tablet (called Contacts). Shared contacts are stored on the Iridium GO! device and shared among all Iridium GO! application users (called Iridium). Additionally recent calls can be accessed and favorites can be stored to simplify dialing and improve ease of accessing most frequently used contacts (instead of scrolling through long lists of contacts).

Messaging #

When messaging, enter the international dialing sequence of the intended recipient: 00 or + [Country Code] [Phone Number]. An email address destination is also permitted.

Twitter #

To utilize Twitter functionality the following is required:

  • Active Twitter account
  • Iridium GO! subscriber number linked to your Twitter account

To link your Twitter account with your Iridium GO! device, login to and update your Account settings with the Iridium phone number. Once the Iridium GO! has been linked to your Twitter account, posting messages within the Iridium GO! Twitter feature will post directly to your Twitter profile. Further information on Tweeting via SMS can be found at

SOS Settings #

The Iridium GO! offers a programmable SOS button that can be configured to notify specified contacts in the case of an emergency. Once configured, an SOS can be initiated either from the Iridium GO! device or application. An SOS initiated by pressing the SOS button on the Iridium GO! device will only send an emergency message with location information, while an SOS initiated from the Iridium GO! application will also provide the option for two-way voice communication with the designated contact.

WARNING – You must configure the SOS button in order for the SOS to send an emergency message to a designated Call Recipient and Message Recipient. Failure to configure the SOS button will result in no message being sent when the SOS button is pressed. This could prevent or delay an emergency response and result in serious injury or death.

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