Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Sat Phone

Innovation in mobile devices like your cell phone has made it simpler for us to maintain constant connectivity. We assume that our phones like our cell will always function, but this is frequently untrue. About 15% of the world is covered by cellular networks, thus getting the “mobile network not available” notice when visiting remote locations might be annoying. While it would be lovely if your smartphone or tablet functioned wherever you went, Iridium GO! is available for those times when they don’t.

Iridium GO features everything you need to keep your mobile device connected when there is no cell service, whether you’re on a family hike, sailing a sailboat for the day, or traveling across the nation in an RV. Iridium GO, which is supported by the Iridium Network, connects to your iOS or Android smartphone to extend your coverage to … the entire planet. Iridium GO is a portable, lightweight, and tough satellite hub that gets beyond cellular network restrictions and allows you to go further on your excursions.

The process of using Iridium GO is easy and convenient: users simply download the Iridium GO App to their smartphone or tablet (before to leaving cellular coverage), and the transformation then starts. With the help of the application, users can make phone calls, send and receive texts, get weather updates, share and send images, and more directly from their smartphones or tablets thanks to the Iridium GO, which includes a small antenna that enables satellite access.

Other important features include GPS tracking, emergency notifications, and email access through personalized email apps (SOS). For a more fixed-installation use case, it also functions with a line of accessories (sold separately), including an external antenna, a wall mount bracket, and an outside power cord.

Users of Iridium GO have access to a selection of Iridium-certified third-party applications to meet their unique adventure needs. There are complimentary Apps for traveling by boat, hiking, flying, and remaining safe when working alone. All of these increase the Iridium GO device’s functionality and ensure that users can have the connectivity they require from their cell phone wherever they are on the earth, even in places where other networks can’t, including the Arctic and Antarctic.

Always put your own safety first. This is why it’s crucial to prepare ahead of time anytime you venture off the grid. Therefore, the next time you’re preparing for an outdoor adventure, keep it straightforward and include the Iridium GO on your list of necessary items. Anytime you need it, from anywhere, convert your cell phone to a satellite phone.