SkyLink is Doing Big Things in Remote Places

SkyLink was recently selected by the University of Tasmania to assist researchers in observing glaciology data in order to monitor the status of the Denman Glacier.
The solution kit (top photo) is currently being tested in Casey Station, Antarctica, where it will spend the winter evaluating the power system’s endurance.

Iridium Certus 100 service and mid-band data are used by SkyLink to provide comprehensive operational efficiency, safety, and continuity coverage. There are Maritime, IoT, and aviation-grade devices available, as well as portable variants.

A led team will travel several miles into Antarctica in the spring and put up the setup (bottom photo) for 3-5 years. Battery banks and solar panels will be used in this system, with SkyLink and other equipment buried in an insulated box a few feet under the ice.

The SkyLink device will be turned off for the majority of the day, then turned on at a predetermined time to upload the most recent log files to the cloud before being turned off, effectively optimizing power use.

For end-to-end sensor reporting and optimizing user asset use, SkyLink provides dependable connectivity. Customizable reports, activity alerts, and dashboards operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring that critical information is captured in real time for total visibility wherever in the world.

SkyLink is an Iridium Connected certified solution that is appropriate for usage in places where satellite service is required, cellular coverage is patchy, or assets are moving in and out of cellular range.

About Iridium

Iridium is the world’s only global mobile voice and data satellite communications network. Iridium allows people, organizations, and assets to connect in real time to and from everywhere while optimizing resources, even video. Iridium delivers a unique and rich portfolio of trustworthy solutions for markets that require truly global communications, in collaboration with its network of partner firms. In 2019, Iridium Certus, a new specialty broadband service that is optimizing services across the globe, was released after the business completed a generational upgrade of its satellite network. Iridium Communications Inc. is based in McLean, Virginia, and its common stock trades under the ticker name IRDM on the Nasdaq Global Select Market.


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