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SAILOR Fleet One

SAILOR Fleet One - Equipment ImageSAILOR Fleet One is the ideal complement to the new Inmarsat Fleet One service, which utilizes the existing Inmarsat-4 satellite constellation to deliver satellite voice and connectivity services that are ideal for use on smaller boats. With its compact, lightweight antenna and simple installation, SAILOR Fleet One is a low-cost entry point to the world of maritime satcoms that keeps you connected at all times.

Data & Voice

SAILOR Fleet One enables data connectivity up to 100kbps and voice calling on a single line. Its capabilities offer significant communications functionality for recreational and fishing users who need reliable voice communications and Internet connectivity on board, when cellular networks aren’t available, or just don’t offer the quality needed for good, reliable communication.

Unrivaled Pedigree

SAILOR Fleet One is designed to the same high standards as the existing SAILOR FleetBroadband product line; quality that more than 35,000 clients have experienced so far. With ease of use and durability at the forefront, SAILOR Fleet One can be relied upon to provide reliable, high quality communications, whether cruising offshore or fishing for a living.
SAILOR Fleet One - Antenna Image

Simple Install

The SAILOR Fleet One antenna is light and easy to install, even on small boats, and connecting to the below deck equipment is simple enough that keen owners can handle the installation and maintenance themselves.
It may be small, but it packs enough power to deliver plenty of bandwidth for email, web browsing, and social media sites.

No. 1 Choice for Fleet One Clients

Built by the people behind the leading SAILOR FleetBroadband range, SAILOR Fleet One is the first choice for boat owners choosing the Fleet One service because it ensures reliable connectivity even on smaller boats that don’t have the room, or the budget, for larger satcoms antennas.
SAILOR Fleet One - Equipment Image

Within Reach

SAILOR Fleet One is the ideal communication solution for yachts, motorboats, and small fishing vessels.
Enabling leisure sailors and fishermen to stay in contact with family, friends and business partner outside the mobile telephone coverage.
Based on the well-proven SAILOR platform, SAILOR Fleet One offers a cost effective hardware solution and together with the tailored airtime, a satellite communication solution within reach.

The Solution

SAILOR Fleet One is a maritime broadband system, providing simultaneous high-speed data and voice communication via satellite, using Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network).
Used with a phone or computer the SAILOR Fleet One gives you access to:

  • Internet Access
  • Ideal for e-mail, social media, and weather updates

1 Voice Line

  • Communication beyond the horizon
  • Safety service (505)

Fleet One SIM card

  • Flexible and cost effective airtime options
  • Tailored for leisure and fishery markets (505)

SAILOR Fleet One Coverage Map Image

Fleet One Coverage

Fleet One is a global service, however, the specific Fleet One tariff is only available in selected geographies (green areas on coverage map below).

Roaming outside the Fleet One home region areas will have an impact on the airtime prices. Please consult Inmarsat Airtime providers for specific information with regards to airtime prices and specific coverage.
The special Fleet One tariff will apply to traffic originating within the Fleet one service area. Meaning, e.g. leisure sailors will be able to use the Fleet One tariff in the Mediterranean during summer and the Caribbean during winter with the same subscription.

However, when crossing the Atlantic users will be outside a home region and roaming costs will apply. Please note that a Fleet One SIM can only be used with a Fleet One terminal.

Who are the Customers?

Innovative Solutions for Fishing
Fleet One has been designed with the fishing industry in mind, in order to meet specific operational demands for cost effective data and voice simultaneously through a compact antenna, all with specialized pricing plans and seasonal flexibility.
Connectivity and communications at sea has become an expectation as it is on land. Improve your operations whilst enhancing fishermen’s welfare by low cost contact with family at home.
Communications assist with fishing operations such as navigation, route planning/optimizations, fish finding, fisheries governance and other regulations, LIFE fishing, catch reporting whilst reducing fuel costs. For the fishermen it can improve their morale onboard by low cost calls and emails to family at home, being able to check the news or sports results and feeling connected on the fishing boat to life on the shore. This can all be done whilst keeping a tight control on costs.
Fleet One operates on Inmarsat’s I-4 satellites which are rigorously tested and proven as the choice for commercial mariners around the world.

Safety Services

Fleet One supports Inmarsat’s unique ‘505’ safety service, which in an emergency routes you directly to a MRCC. This means that in one phone call you can alert the safety services of your position and nature of distress, by reassuringly speaking to the Search and Rescue Services knowing that assistance is on its way. Fleet One provides constant access to voice and data services, in a very cost effective manner.

Global Coverage

Fleet One has full global coverage with low cost preferential regions to benefit key regional fishing grounds. New pricing plans from Inmarsat that take into account seasonal variations to give the flexibility required in this industry.


Fleet One gives a very cost effective and competitive pricing for sailors and leisure users to access the Internet, write emails, and make phone calls. Fleet One has a standard “plug and play” Ethernet connection to a computer, and can support smart phones, tablets, and computers via an additional wireless router, allowing access to specific maritime applications. A wireless router would allow multiple people to access the Internet and email at the same time.

Unrivaled Reliability

You can depend on Inmarsat, whatever the weather. We provide the most robust communications links, with average network availability greater than any mobile phone provider and exceeding 99.9%. Fleet One terminals are specifically designed for use within the maritime environment. The terminal is quick and easy to install, with additional Wi-Fi capability to allow access to smartphones/tablets as at home. The terminals have been tested and approved to Inmarsat’s exacting standards.

Who are the Customers?

The SAILOR Fleet One is ideal for yachts, motorboats and small fishing vessels and would be the natural upgrade for users that are currently using an Inmarsat Mini-M terminal or have a need for a low-cost, easy to install hardware solution.

  • Stay in contact with family and friends
  • Safety with the 505-service
  • Tracking
  • Accessing weather data and port information
  • Seasonal usage
  • Remote Office


  • Safety
  • Data Collection and catch reporting
  • Accessing weather data
  • Tracking

Unique Perks:

  • Building on the proven SAILOR Platform with more than 35,000 terminals on the market
  • Small, lightweight, and compact solution for easy and simple user installation
  • Built-in PABX. SIP server for easy connection of additional IP handsets and smart
    phone SIP clients
  • Control Data connection via handset of I/O pins
  • Built-in tracking
  • Worldwide SAILOR support network

Fleet One Terminal Size


  • 27.5cm or 10.83 inches


  • 21.1cm or 8.70 inches


  • 2.5kg or 5.51 pounds

Frequency Band

  • RX: 1518-1559 MHz
  • TX: 1626.5 - 1660.5 MHz || 1668.0-1675.0 MHz
  • Ch. Spacing: 10.5 -189 kHz, Rx || 21-189kHz, Tx
  • Ch. Size: 1.25 KHz

Recommended Antenna Cable

Cable loss max/min:

  • 20 dB at 1,62 GHz and 1.0 Ω DC loop resistance max
  • 3 dB at 36 - max. 4 dB at 54 MHz

Power Supply and Consumption

DC input range (isolated):

  • 10.5V to 32V DC

Power (max):

  • 120 W @ 10-32 V

Environmental Conditions

Ambient Temperature:

  • -25 to +55 Degrees Celsius or -13 to +131 Degrees Fahrenheit


  • -40 to +85 Degrees Celsius or -40 to +185 Degrees Fahrenheit

Survival (power on, non functional):

  • -40 to +80 Degrees Celsius or -40 to +176 Degrees Fahrenheit

Automatic thermal surveillance shuts down system gradually in ease of own temperature

BDU operating humidity:

  • 95% non-condensing at +40 Degrees Celsius or +140 Degrees Fahrenheit

ADU Enclosure:

  • IPX6

ADU Operating Humidity:

  • “Exposed” according to EN60 945

BDU Enclosure:

  • IP30

Icing (survival):

  • Max 25mm or .98 inches

Vibration (ADU)

Vibration, operational
Random spectrum 1.05 g rms x 3 axes:

  • 5 to 20 Hz: 0.02 g2/Hz
  • 20 to 150 Hz: -3 dB/octave

Vibration, non-operational
Random spectrum 1.7 g rms 2 h x 3 axes (6 h total):

  • 5 to 20 Hz: 0.05 g2/Hz
  • 20 to 150 Hz: -3 dB/octave

Ship Motion


  • +/-30deg.per.4s,max0.7gtan.


  • +/-15deg.per.3s,max0.6gtan.


  • +/-10deg.per.5s,max0.3gtan.


  • +/- 0.5g


  • +/- 0.5g


  • +/- 0.7g

Turning Rate

  • +/- 36 ̊/s; ACC 12 ̊/s2

Headway Speed

  • 22 m/s (42 knots)


  • 100 knots

Mechanical Shock

  • 20g/11 half-sine

Antenna Connector


  • TNC, female


  • TNC, female


Standard IP

  • Up to 100 kbps

Streaming IP

  • N/A


  • N/A

SMS (standard 3G)

  • 160 Characters

Standard Voice

  • 4 kbps



  • Up to 100 kbps

Streaming IP

  • 2 ports

Phone/Fax (2-wire)

  • 1 port

I/O Connector

  • 1 connector with 5 configurable inputs/outputs

Status LED

  • LED power indicator

SIM Card Slot

  • 1 SIM Card slot for Fleet One SIM card


  • Integral DHCP/NAT router


  • Built-in PBX