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Iridium Extreme Handset Image

A Feature Rich Handset That Raises the Bar on Toughness

The Iridium Extreme combines market-leading toughness with an unmatched feature set including location awareness and a fully integrated SOS button with emergency response service — all in one compact handset.

It is also equipped to deal with emergencies. If you ever find yourself in a tough spot, Iridium Extreme is ready to help with a dedicated, programmable, one-touch SOS button.

With one push, you can access 24/7 emergency assistance anywhere in the world by registering for GEOS Emergency Monitoring through Travel Safety Group Limited.

It is also built tough so it can take a beating and keep on working. Tough and rugged, the Iridium Extreme is engineered to support high-usage customers in harsh conditions anywhere on the planet; guaranteed!


Iridium Extreme - What's in the Box ImageWhat's in the Box

The Iridium Extreme comes with everything you need to get you started with multiple options for charging as well as a leather case and a quick start guide so you do not have to flip through the manual just to get a feel for the device. With the Extreme you get the most rugged handset on the market that also has the most features and accessories than any other product as well effectively making it the most convenient way to stay connected no matter where you are on the planet. It also has plenty of convenient service plans as well! Iridium Voice Services offer a variety of calling plans designed to meet the needs of customers using Iridium satellite phones. Whether you prefer the convenience of a prepaid plan or the peace of mind of a postpaid plan, the choice is yours.


  • Travel charger with international adapters
  • Car charger
  • Leather case
  • USB data cable
  • User manual
  • Quick Start guide
  • CD-ROM with software
  • 2 accessory adapters
  • Magnetic vehicle mount antenna with 5’ cable
  • Hands-free earpiece with microphone

In Touch

It’s time to raise expectations of what a satellite phone should be. Iridium Extreme® combines location awareness, a fully integrated SOS button with included emergency response service, and market leading toughness — letting you take durability, reliability and versatility with you in hand, all over the world.

The Iridium Extreme is built with the same reliable voice and data capability that users have come to trust from the only real mobile, real global satellite communications company in the world. But the Iridium Extreme doesn’t stop there.

It is engineered with more features than ever before and more accessories than any other satellite phone on the market, providing people with even more ways to connect.

  • GPS-enabled location-based services
  • Online tracking
  • Customized solutions enabled for diverse markets
  • Accessories to create instant Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Satellite Emergency Notification Device (SEND) compliant SOS button design
  • Reliable two-way global coverage
  • Toughest military-grade designed satellite handset ever built

On Track

The Iridium Extreme is the first satellite phone to offer the fully integrated services of customizable GPS, Online Tracking and Emergency SOS with Notification. More than a phone, it is a real mobile, real reliable tracking device with truly global coverage.

The Only Phone With Integrated Tracking

Through accredited online portals, the Iridium Extreme offers an open development platform for partner developed location based solutions providing real time tracking to increase business efficiencies, improve military and emergency response, track critical assets, or simply keep family and friends up-to-date.

  • Access users through on-demand tracking
  • Monitor employees en route through position updates and geo-fencing
  • Use scheduled check-ins to instruct daily missions
  • Let family and friends track your location online through social network updates
  • Ensure safety of remote personnel
  • Disable tracking on demand for stealth operations
  • Using Google Maps, Iridium Extreme - even allows you to send an SMS text message with your exact location co-ordinates to anyone, from anywhere on the surface of the planet

The Only Phone With Integrated SOS

The Iridium Extreme is the first phone ever built with a programmable, GPS-enabled, one-touch SOS button. With a Satellite Emergency Notification Device (SEND) compliant SOS button design, Iridium Extreme® will alert your programmed contact of your location and will help create a two-way connection to assist in the response. It is the only satellite phone with GPS-enabled SOS with emergency services supported by GEOS Travel Safety Group Limited, included at no additional charge.

From One Extreme To Another

It may be Iridium's smallest satellite phone, but the Extreme is big on toughness and is built to take a beating. It is ruggedly engineered to support the toughest, highest usage customers of satellite phone communications in the harshest conditions, everywhere.

The Toughest Phone Ever

No other phone in the world has more guts or grit than the Iridium Extreme.

  • Built dust proof, shock resistant and jet water resistant
  • Includes a speakerphone and wind resistant microphone
  • A diamond tread, tapered grip gives it the best in-hand ergonomics of any satellite phone on the market
  • The first satellite phone with military-grade 810F durability
  • The first satellite phone with an Ingress Protection rating of IP65

Iridium AxcessPoint

Combined with your Iridium satellite phone, Iridium AxcessPoint allows you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect to the Internet. Now you can keep in touch on your trusted devices from anywhere on the surface of the planet.
Iridium AxcessPoint is part of our unique vision for using the power of the world’s furthest reaching network to bring extended and enhanced personal communications to people and organizations, everywhere.


Iridium Extreme - Dimensions ImageDimensions

  • 140mm(L) or 5.51 inches
  • 60mm(W) or 2.36 inches
  • 27mm(D) or 1.06 inches
  • Weight: 247g or 8.7 ounces



  • Standby Time: Up to 30 hours
  • Talk Time: Up to 4 hours


  • 200-character illuminated graphic display
  • Volume, signal, and battery strength meters
  • Illuminated weather resistant keypad

Calling Features

  • Integrated speakerphone
  • Quick connect to Iridium voice mail
  • Two way SMS and short email capability
  • Pre-programmable International Access Code (00 or +)
  • Mailbox for voice, numeric, and text messages
  • Selectable ring and alert tones (8 choices)

Durability Specifications

  • Military-grade ruggedness (MIL-STD 810F)
  • Ingress Protection (IP65)


  • 100-entry internal phonebook, with capacity for multiple phone numbers, email addresses and notes
  • Call history retains received, missed and dialed calls

Usage Control Features

  • User configurable call timers to manage costs
  • Keypad lock and PIN lock for additional security