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Hurricane Season is Here. Don't Play With Chance:
Be Prepared and Stay in Touch

Apollo Satellite Communications is a Proud Provider of the World's Best Satellite Phones for Hurricanes to Relief Organizations, First Response Workers, Hurricane Survivors and others caught in the Eye of the Storm during hurricane season. August and September make the busiest months for Hurricanes. These destructive displays of nature's sheer power throw American cities around the Gulf of Mexico and further up the Atlantic cost into chaos. Some 35 million households are under threat each year from hurricanes, and each year first-responders, public safety officials, relief organizations, and government officials rush to devastated communities to provide much-needed support as they rebuild their lives and homes.

Ground-Breaking Technology From the Skies

Once deeply unpredictable, modern science and technology allow us to now predict and track the paths of a hurricane, which can have a diameter as large as 1,000 miles. Hurricane satellite phones provide a lifeline to the outside world for those who need it most. Once too expensive to be accessible to the average citizen, explosive advances in satellite technology now mean that all households inside the danger zone can afford a hurricane mobile phone as a part of their hurricane preparedness kit.

Get Affordable Hurricane Satellite Communications for Survival and Support during a Natural Disaster: Be Prepared and Stay Connected and Order Your Hurricane Phone Today!