Iridium GO Prepaid 2000 – 2000 Data/1000 Voice

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Iridium GO Prepaid 2000

Stay Connected w/Prepaid Convenience

The Iridium GO 2000 Minute Prepaid Airtime SIM Card is loaded with 2000 data minutes, 1000 voice minutes, or a combination of data/voice/text allowance available to use globally.

  • Activation Options

    When would you like the SIM Card Activated?
    You may activate upon ordering a new SIM, Select a Date or call the Apollo 24/7 activation line +1 (480) 478-1999 x4.

    • 25 $
    • 25 $
    • 25 $
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    You MUST possess an Active “Apollo” Iridium Prepaid SIM Card or with-in 60-Days of expiration.

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Iridium GO Prepaid 2000

The Iridium GO Prepaid 2000 Service options enable you to use any combination of voice, data, and SMS from your smartphone connected via WiFi to your Iridium GO device. This is a great value for data on Iridium’s smarthub since it boasts twice as much data as compared to standard Iridium prepaid cards. Also, since it provides service to the Iridium GO you are provided coverage for some of your favorite devices that you use on a daily basis. It is powered by the Iridium Network, which is the world’s only truly global satellite network, so you have global coverage from pole-to-pole without the worry of going outside the boundaries of your signal. It brings even more convenience to an already convenient line of equipment, devices, and services from Iridium.

Iridium GO Prepaid 2000 Breakdown

  • FREE Incoming Voice Calls
  • Iridium GO! Voice Minutes to Landline or Cell = 1000 Minutes
  • Iridium GO! Voice to Other Iridium Device = 2000 Minutes
  • Iridium GO! Voice to Other Satellite Service = 100 Minutes
  • Iridium GO! 2-Stage Incoming Voice = 1000 Minutes
  • Iridium GO! Voicemail Retrieval = 2000 Minutes
  • Iridium GO! SMS Outgoing = 6,000 Messages
  • Iridium GO! Incoming SMS Messages = FREE Unlimited

*Minimum call duration is 20 seconds. Airtime included is estimated based on burn rates. Usage types can be combined and will be deducted accordingly. The maximum expiry period per account is two years. Iridium GO! Prepaid Cards cannot be combined with Canada & Alaska and existing balances from other Iridium prepaid cards cannot be transferred to Iridium GO! Seasonal or Annual cards. Prepaid cards are shipped activated.

¹ Iridium GO! prepaid card types can be recharged with additional airtime prior to expiry using the 30 day add-time voucher or by purchasing an Iridium GO! Seasonal or Annual recharge voucher. Both unused minutes and the remaining expiry period carry forward when the card is recharged. Expiry dates are cumulative.

  • No monthly access charges
  • Worldwide Minutes
  • Two-stage dialing service included
  • Voicemail included
  • No fee for replenishment / topup
  • No credit checks or deposits required
  • Extended SIM Cards roll-over remaining airtime before expiration up to 2 years.
  • Cards and airtime can remain active for up to 24 months
  • GO! Data Minutes are valid to destination 0088160000330 only