Iridium GO! Satellite Hub Plug Kit

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Iridium GO! Plug Kit –  Powering the Iridium GO! all over the planet

The Iridium GO! Plug Kit helps you power the Iridium GO! satellite hub, leaving you multiple options for powering your device in a number of countries.

Brings a bit of flexibility to powering and charging your device 


Iridium GO! Plug Kit

The Iridium GO! Plug Kit is designed to charge your Iridium GO! device, using an AC power source. It includes a universal adapter kit to support more than one-hundred and seventy five countries including most parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, North America, and Russia. With a 1.5A for faster charging, it recharges the Iridium GO! Rechargeable Battery in 4 hours. The adjustable USB cable input requires the Iridium GO! USB Cable. This plug kit makes powering own personal Iridium GO! super flexible so even if you are overseas you have charging options at the ready for you to utilize. It brings convenience to the powering of an already convenient product and service.

  • Compatible with the Iridium GO!
  • Charges battery to 100% capacity in 4 hours