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Iridium GO Worldwide Prepaid Airtime

Prepaid Satellite Hotspot Airtime Service Standard Plans
  • GO 400 / 6 Months
  • $400
    per SIM Card / Voucher
  • 400 Data Minutes
  • 200 Voice Minutes
  • 1,200 SMS
  • 6 Month Validity
  • -
  • Worldwide Service
  • Voicemail Included
  • 2-Stage Dialing Included
  • No Credit Checks
  • Iridium GO 2000
  • $1500
    per SIM Card / Voucher
  • 2000 Data Minutes
  • 1000 Voice Minutes
  • 6,000 SMS
  • 2 Year Validity
  • -
  • Worldwide Service
  • Voicemail Included
  • 2-Stage Dialing Included
  • No Credit Checks

Iridium GO Prepaid Satellite Airtime Service Plans

Iridium GO Prepaid Satellite Airtime Service 400, 1000 & 2000 Vouchers

The Expiration Date on Iridium GO Prepaid cards can be extended by purchasing a prepaid voucher or 30 day extension. Please request a minimum of 48 hours before your SIM expiry date. If the expiry date is not extended then your SIM Card will expire and become invalid. Any minutes remaining will be lost and your SIM will enter a 60 day grace period in which you may reactivate the SIM by adding a new voucher, however the original balance will be lost and will not be added to the new balance. After this 60 day period has ended the SIM will automatically deactivate meaning that you will need to pay $300 reactivation fee as well as the voucher or purchase a new SIM Card and prepaid voucher. (more details at iridium)

If you would like to add more airtime please a package above from the Iridium GO Prepaid Voucher Table and follow the on screen instructions. Please login with your account details if you are an existing account holder to ensure your purchase is handled in accordance with your payment status with Apollo. If you do not yet have an account then you can still purchase using a credit card. Please contact us +1 (844) 248-0123 to create an account for you & order over the phone.

Iridium Expiry Policy Explained.

Since December 17, 2013 Iridium have been enforcing a maximum validity for the balance of vouchers as below;

  • All prepaid 'units' that have been carried over (from extension top ups) for more than three years will be expired on a daily basis from prepaid account balances.
  • For any customer who has purchased a 3k/5k e‐voucher since December 17, 2009 and going forward, a four‐year expiry period on units will apply.
  • Units will expire based on the oldest voucher purchase activity which is greater than three years (four years for 3k/5k e‐vouchers) that has not yet been consumed, if applicable.

As well as the above, please note that the maximum expiry period allowed at any one time is 2 years.

Unit balances are available to customers by calling 2888 or sending an SMS to 2888 from their Iridium handset. Users will be given the balance of units that may expire if not used within the next six months. This message will be based on the oldest e‐voucher purchase activity and units that are subject to expiry within the next six months, if applicable.