Iridium GO Antenna Adapter Cable WAAC13001

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Iridium GO! Antenna Adaptor – Provides assistance to your Iridium GO! signal

When using the Iridium GO! there may be natural and/or manmade blocks when trying to get connected. The Iridium GO! Antenna Adaptor is your first step in solving this issue.

Perfect for making connecting a cinch

Iridium GO Antenna Adapter Cable WAAC13001

Designed to assist your Iridium GO! signal, the Iridium GO Antenna Adapter Cable can get you connected even if the Iridium GO! internal antenna is having issues while you have a good view of the horizon. The Iridium GO Antenna Adapter Cable connects to an Iridium antenna (sold separately) and the Iridium GO! device. It provides TS9 (Iridium GO!) to TNC-F (Iridium Antenna) connector with 15cm length.

Always Finding Ways to Keep You Connected

Iridium is always looking for ways to make it that much easier for you to get and stay connected on a global scope. When operating a satellite hotspot (like the Iridium GO!) you may have a good view of the horizon but still may not be able to get connected. Large buildings and even some natural blockage from mother nature like tall trees around the area you are located can unfortunately make getting a good connection futile in some situations.

This is where the Iridium GO Antenna Adapter Cable comes in! Simply connect the adapter to your Iridium GO! and you have effectively converted the TS9 to a TNC connector. The Iridium GO Antenna Adapter Cable allows you to connect your Iridium Antenna (sold separately) and follow through with the registering and/or connection process without the worry of manmade or natural blocks hampering your signal. It is always good to be prepared for contingencies. Even if you do not need one now, an antenna adapter can come in handy and may be a good accessory to put into your pack just in case of an emergency!

The Iridium GO Antenna Adapter Cable (9560 External RF Cable) is necessary to connect an external antenna to your Iridium GO! device.  This may be advantageous in situations where it is impossible to locate the Iridium GO! with a 360° view of the horizon while simultaneously within 100 feet of your Wi-Fi enabled smart phone or tablet.   If your site is surrounded by tall trees, buildings or the superstructure of a ship, the view of the internal Iridium GO! antenna could be obstructed.  Here are some typical applications where an external antenna is needed: 

  • Maritime & Fixed-Site Applications:  If you are using your Iridium GO! below decks or inside a building, Outfitter Satellite sells a mast antenna and also a ruggedized mast antenna  that can be located above decks to improve your Iridium signal reception.  Outfitter Satellite offers 10, 20, and 30 meter antenna cables.
  • Vehicular Applications:   Many users simply put the Iridium GO! on the dashboard of their vehicle.  If this does not produce adequate results, placing an antenna on the roof of the vehicle should improve performance.  Outfitter sells a portable auxilliary magnetic-mount antenna with a 1.5 meter antenna cable.   If you need a longer antenna cable, we also offer a low-profile car antenna with a 5-meter antenna cable.  
  • Assists in strengthening your Iridium GO! signal
  • Assists in solving signal blocking issues from manmade and natural structures
  • Adapts TS9 to TNC connector
  • Compatible with Iridium Antennas, naturally

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