Iridium Glass Mount/Suction Antenna


Improving your connection everywhere

The Iridium Glass Mount/Suction Antenna helps keep your signal good and strong no matter the implementation, simply fix it to glass or use the magnet to mount and connect; your choice.

Brings a bit of flexibility to the perks of an antenna

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Iridium Glass Mount/Suction Antenna

The Iridium Glass Mount/Suction Antenna was developed for use on an aircraft’s windscreen, but Iridium users find it useful in various other situations as well. It can be mounted using the magnet on the bottom or the suction cup on the top for glass. This Iridium antenna is hermetically sealed, making it perfect for applications in harsh environments so it will work great even in the air. It brings added convenience with multiple options to a long line of already convenient devices, services, and equipment from Iridium. Its versatility, compact size, and attractive price make it a popular choice among Iridium users so pick one up today and improve on your global communications solution.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 6 in
Primary Features

More than one option for mounting
Passive Iridium Antenna
TNC Connector
No Cable Included.