Iridium 50 Minute Prepaid Voucher

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Iridium 50 Minute Prepaid Voucher

Stay Connected w/Prepaid Convenience

The Iridium 50 Minute Prepaid Voucher adds 50 minutes of additional airtime to active prepaid global cards allowing you stay connected when you need it most.

Extension Requirments *

You MUST possess an “Apollo” Iridium SIM Card that is Active or with-in 90-Days of expiration.

  • Activation Options

    When would you like the SIM Card Activated?
    You may activate upon ordering a new SIM, Select a Date or call the Apollo 24/7 activation line +1 (480) 478-1999 x4.

    • 25 $
    • 25 $
    • 25 $
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    You MUST possess an Active “Apollo” Iridium Prepaid SIM Card or with-in 60-Days of expiration.

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Iridium 50 Minute Prepaid Voucher Details

The Iridium 50 Minute Prepaid Voucher adds 50 Minutes of Additional Airtime to Active Prepaid Global Cards. No Additional Time is Added to the Period of Validity, all Unused Minutes Will Expired at the End of the Initial Term of Validity. Charges Are Flat Rated. You cannot add 50 Minutes blocks to the Global 750, 300, 222, and Regional prepaid cards. The Iridium 50 Minute Prepaid Voucher brings an added convenience to an already long line of convenient equipment, devices, and services from the world’s only truly global network, Iridium.

  • This voucher adds 50 minutes only to an already active Iridium Prepaid Global SIM Card
  • NOT Valid on Regional Prepaid SIM Cards
  • Africa, MENA, Latin America, Southern Cross, Northern Lights
  • NOT Valid on 222, 300 and 750 Minute Prepaid SIM Cards
  • Perfect for use when you have plenty of time on your expiration date and just need more minutes
  • You can add multiples of the 50 minutes to the same SIM
  • Example: Purchasing three(3) 50 Minute Only bundles will add 150 minutes total to the SIM
  • All Prepaid 50 Minute SIM Vouchers are added to a currently Active SIM at time of purchase unless noted otherwise
  • Two-stage dialing service enabled
  • Voicemail included
  • No fee for replenishment
  • No credit checks or deposits required
  • Works with ALL Iridium Satellite Phone Models
  • Add airtime and/or extend validity before expiration date (except 750 Min)
  • Extended SIM Cards roll-over remaining airtime before expiration (except 750 Min)
  • Cards and airtime can remain active for up to 24 months (except 750 Min)

Iridium 50 Minute Prepaid Voucher Terms and Conditions

Reload orders of the Iridium 50 Minute Prepaid Voucher must be placed at least 3 business days prior to expiration. Reloads are processed Monday through Friday. Any reload ordered after 6 PM Pacific Time may not be processed until the next business day. Call for Expedited SIM Extension: +1 (844) 248-0123. You can add minutes to your prepaid balance and extend the validity period of your total minutes on the Global prepaid cards – Except 750, 300, and 222 Minute Specialty Cards.

  • Cards must be replenished prior to expiration date in order to retain unused minutes
  • Cards may be replenished after the 90 days to retain Iridium phone number – Unused minutes will be lost
  • Cards that are not replenished within 90 days of their expiration can no longer be used
  • Prepaid Airtime will roll-over for up to three 3 years – the oldest airtime is deducted from the SIM first
  • 2:00 PM Pacific Time on any business day for last minute reload orders
  • Calls made to another satellite network such as Inmarsat, Globalstar, Thuraya are debited at a higher rate than a standard Iridium-to-Land line call
  • Validity period of the reload starts when card is replenished
  • Prepaid airtime is non-refundable
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
  • Prices do not include any applicable taxes
  • If you run out of your prepaid minutes on your sim card, it may take 24-48 hours to reload your card
  • Does NOT Extend SIM Card Validity
  • No Activation Charge
  • No monthly access charges