Inactive Iridium Prepaid SIM Card

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Iridium Prepaid SIM Card – Gets You Connected Faster

With an Inactive Iridium Prepaid SIM Card on hand you can rest assured that you can get connected faster since your already possess your new SIM Card.

Helps you get connected faster


Inactive Iridium Prepaid SIM Card

Never worry about expiring prepaid minutes and expiration dates. With the Inactive Iridium Prepaid SIM Card you will have a card on hand and at the ready for use; just activate it whenever you need it. Having this Inactive Iridium Prepaid SIM Card on hand at all times will help you get connected faster when a new SIM card is needed. In a tight situation where you are about to go off the grid and your current card is about to expire soon an Inactive SIM Card can be a lifesaver. Do not get stuck without service because of an expiring SIM card in an inopportune situation. Pick up a spare Inactive SIM Card to throw in your pack today!

  • Helps with having a SIM card at the ready to be activated
  • Solves issues with pesky expiration dates

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