ASE MC03 9505A Docking Station

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ASE MC03 Docking Station – Completes your global communication solution

Applied Satellite Engineering’s MC03 Docking Station makes using the Iridium 9505A on land or at sea convenient with making and staying connected that much easier.

The ASE MC03 makes staying connected easy and convenient

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    Intelligent Handset w/ Ram swivel mount



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ASE MC03 9505A Docking Station

Applied Satellite Engineering’s ASE MC03 Iridium 9505A Docking Station is designed for the Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone and is an outgrowth of one of ASE’s very first products. Rugged and reliable, this is a standard in maritime operations and is seen in use by many organizations continuing to use the 9505A phone for its powerful features, including some models with encryption/secure sleeve.

  • The deployment of the Iridium Network was indeed a remarkable scientific and engineering marvel. However the inability to make or receive a phone call indoors quickly became a glaring failure. We were one of the first companies to provide an elegant solution by extending the use of the satellite phones inside a building, a vehicle, or ship.
  • The MC03 Docking Station is designed for the Iridium 9505A Satellite Phone and is an outgrowth of one of our very first products. We continue to see demand for this straightforward, simple, rugged and reliable addition to the Iridium 9505A phone.
  • While many view this as a primarily a military offering with its optional encryption/secure sleeve, we see this is a standard in many Maritime operations.
  • The ASE-MC03 Docking station for the Iridium 9505A provides a unique DB9-Connector—An RS232 connection offering direct dial-up applications for data transfer with an Iridium RUDICS connection.
  • The RJ11 connection of the MC03 attaches to any analog/analogue phone connection. Connect directly to an analog phone or use a Wireless–“Walk-around” Phone or “DECT” Phone. Some applications might find usefulness in using Long range phones such as those made by Engenius.
  • The headset and microphone jacks are fully accessible for easy connection to other accessories. The Bright LEDs are easily recognizable as “Ringing,” “Smart Dial” (the feature that recognizes virtually all country codes for easier dialing), and “Connect” when connected.
  • The MC03 also charges the 9505A Phone—keeping it “topped up” for “Grab and Go” applications. The Docking Station has a wide-ranging power supply input and can operate either with the included AC/DC adaptor that, or by using a Cigar/Cigarette adapter.
  • The Docking station also has a convenient holder for the 9505A Phone antenna.

ASE MC03 Features

  • RJ11 Connection to any Analog/Analogue phone
  • Bright Indicators for Connect, Smart-Dial, or Rining
  • DB-9 RS232 Connector for Data Applications
  • Secure Sleeve Encryption for DOD, MOD (Optional)
  • Charges the 9505A Handset
  • Wide ranging Power Supply Input Options
  • Convenient Holder for the 9505A Removable Antenna

Technical Specifications

  • Part # ASE-MC03 / MC03-C
  • Interfaces: POTS (RJ11), RS232, 2.5 mm handsfree
  • Length: 9.75 in.
  • Width: 5.25 in.
  • Height: 3.5 in.
  • Weight: 1.4 lb
  • Operating temperature range: –15°C to +70°C
  • Power: 10 – 32 VDC, or use included power adapter for 100/240 VAC,47/63 Hz
  • Approvals: Iridium, CE, IEC60945 (indoors)


  • POTS (RJ11), RS232, 2.5 mm handsfree
    • RJ11 Connect. Connects to an analog phone (single or PBX) including multi-handset wireless phones.
    • Use of a cordless phone with expandable handsets can provide up to eight units within a two-mile range (unobstructed) from the base station.
  • Hands-free Connect.
    • Headset/microphone jack offers audio enhancement circuitry to provide excellent voice quality.
  • Data port connect. RS232 port for data connections. Compatible with Iridium’s Direct Internet 2.0
  • Iridium certified product. Additional approvals and certifications include CE and IEC60945

Box Contents for the ASE-MC03 Docking Station

  • 9505A Docking Station w/POTS and RS232
  • handset interface
  • AC/DC Transformer
  • AC/DC cords
  • User manual on CD