ASE Iridium Extreme PTT BoxDock

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ASE Iridium Extreme PTT BoxDock – Perfect solution for the Iridium Extreme and Extreme PTT

The ASE Iridium Extreme PTT BoxDock works with both the Iridium Extreme and PTT models and is smart, rugged, and convenient to use.

Perfect for emergency teams, remote personnel, and equipping vehicles for constant communication

ASE Iridium Extreme PTT BoxDock

The ASE Iridium Extreme PTT BoxDock is a light-weight solution to a difficult problem. While traveling or even working remotely, the BoxDock is perfect for either situation providing a convenient way to stay connected; and is also PTT ready!


The ASE Iridium 9575 PTT BoxDock works with both the Iridium 9575 and 9575 PTT handsets. Included in the case is a unique way to connect with it. The BoxDock comes with a magnetic mount antenna and also while shut it boasts external antenna connectors, internal as well as external charge indicators so you can keep a close eye on your battery, and also the rugged case that is built to take a beating and keep your device safe, charged, and connected; no matter where you are or the situation!

Versatile Solution

The versatility of the ASE BoxDock brings simplicity to a problem with global remote communications. No matter if you are in your vehicle or out in a remote location you have a convenient way to stay connected while continuing to charge your satellite phone. The BoxDock enhances key features of both handsets while simplifying your connections to anywhere on the planet. It doesn’t just help keep you connected, it brings convenience and effectively completes your global communications solution!

  • Weather Resistant Hard Cased Packaging
  • External Antenna and Audio Connectors
  • Base Station Comms for Field Teams
  • External and Internal Charge Status Indicators
  • Docking Station With Extended Battery
  • External Charge Status With Audio and Antenna Connections
  • Easily Deployed Mag Mount Antenna Palm Mic