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NAL Dual Iridium/GPS Antenna – Model SAF7352-IG

$189.95 $149.95

Dual Iridium/GPS Antenna – An asset for your global solution

The NAL Dual Iridium GPS/Antenna excels at enhancing your existing Iridium satellite modem and trackers, giving you that much more flexibility with your signal.

Model SAF7352-IG is a small, inexpensive dual Iridium/GPS antenna designed to operate with the NAL Research’s A3LA and 9601 satellite modems and trackers. It provides continuous coverage from 1610.0 to 1626.5 MHz specifically for the Iridium network and 1575.42±13 MHz (L1) for the GPS.

An antenna that brings an enhanced signal to your modem or tracker

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