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    IsatPhone 2
    Quick Start Guide

    IsatPhone 2 Quick Start Guide - Phone Overview

    IsatPhone 2 @ Apollo Satellite Communications

    Step One
    Insert the SIM Card

    IsatPhone 2 Quick Start Guide - Insert SIM Card

    • If the battery is in place, lift it out

    • Slide the catch down on the SIM holder and flip it outwards

    • Make sure the angled corner of your SIM card is on your left and slide it into the holder

    • Flip the holder back into place and slide the catch back up

    • Insert the battery

    Step Two
    Charge the Battery
    and Switch On

    IsatPhone 2 Quick Start Guide - Charge Battery

    • Connect the charger to a power source and the micro USB connector to the port at the base of the phone

    • Hold down the red key until the screen lights up

    • The first time you use your phone, use the navigation keys to select your language and set the time zone

    • To switch off, hold down the red key until the screen shuts down

    Step Three
    Connect to the Satellite

    IsatPhone 2 Quick Start Guide - Connect To Satellite

    • Stand outside in a place where there are no obstacles between you and the sky

    • Fully deploy the handset antenna and point it upwards

    • To register to the Inmarsat network, your handset must acquire a GPS fix and simultaneously find the Inmarsat network – this happens automatically

    • When the handset is registered to the network, the name Inmarsat is displayed beside the signal strength indicator

    • To send and receive calls, at least two indicator bars must be filled – if the signal strength is too low, on-screen instructions will help you to improve it

    GPS Fix

    IsatPhone 2 Quick Start Guide - GPS Fix Icon

    • Before you make a call, your phone needs a GPS fix so it can be located by the satellite – this happens automatically, but if a new GPS fix is needed the red icon above will be displayed – place the phone in the open with a clear view of the sky until the icon disappears

    Make a Call

    IsatPhone 2 Quick Start Guide - Green and Red Key

    • Enter the full international number by pressing +, country code, area code (without the leading zero), telephone number, and then press the Green KeyExample (+44 1621 123456)

    • To end the call press the Red Key

    Answer a Call

    IsatPhone 2 Quick Start Guide - Answer a Call

    • When your phone rings, press the Green Key

    • Remember, to receive a call, you must be connected to the satellite with the phone antenna pointing upwards

    Listen to Voicemail

    IsatPhone 2 Quick Start Guide - Listen To Voicemail

    • Hold down the “1” key (pictured above) and you will automatically be connected to your voicemail

    • Alternatively, call +870 772 001 899 and press the Green Key

    Incoming Call Alerts

    • The handset has the capability to alert you to incoming calls and text messages when the antenna is stowed or the satellite signal reception is limited

    • Whenever you switch the handset on and deploy the antenna, the handset attempts to register to the network (see “Connect to the Satellite” above)

    • If successful, the screen displays “Ready for Service” and the two status LEDs change to green

    • After successful registration, you can stow the antenna

    • The status LEDs will change to amber to show that the handset is monitoring the network for incoming call alerts