Iridium Certus Satellite Communications Reinvented

Iridium Certus is the advanced new multi-service platform powered by the $3 billion Iridium NEXT constellations. With a range of speeds eventually reaching up to 1.4Mbps, Iridium Certus will deliver global, reliable, enterprise-grade connectivity while redefining the capabilities of mobile satellite communications. Iridium Certus will offer more than just connectivity – it is a portfolio of ever-expanding service offerings that will allow your business to operate more efficiently by providing greater value and greater reach than any other mobile wireless network. Through Iridium Certus, we’re making broadband truly mobile. Uncompromising coverage, multi-service capabilities, and a solution that scales to meet the demands of your business, all in a single platform.

Iridium Certus

One Platform for Any Need

Iridium Certus will simplify satellite communications through a robust multi-service platform. For the first time, one terminal can deliver a range of services from multiple high-quality voice lines to the highest throughput L-band data connection available, allowing simultaneous operations for business efficiency. Services include:

  • Background IP Data
  • Streaming IP Data
  • High Quality Voice
  • Messaging
  • Safety Services
  • Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS)*
  • Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Route Service (AMSRS)

*IMO recognition received in 2018. Expected service introduction by 2020.


Iridium Certus will deliver high-performance broadband service from cockpit to cabin. Through small-form factor, low-profile antennas, Iridium Certus is ideal for aircraft operators looking to keep crew and passengers connected – supporting email, Internet, voice and data communications, everywhere on the planet.


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Iridium Certus for Maritime

For years, the maritime industry has been forced into long-term contracts and expensive service plans due to limited options for satellite broadband connectivity.

With the launch of Iridium Certus, mariners can realize the truly global advantage of the Iridium network. Iridium is the preferred and trusted provider of maritime satellite communications for business operations, safety services, IoT applications, and crew welfare, and Iridium Certus will deliver reliable service combined with the highest L-Band speeds to any place on Earth.

For the first time within the mobile satellite communications market, a real choice and superior connectivity alternative will be available to the maritime community.

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Iridium Certus will extend the reach of terrestrial and cellular infrastructure like never before with truly mobile communications capabilities, making it ideal for supporting critical connectivity needs regardless of location, terrain and weather events. The service will feature a range of data speed options and will integrate with the robustly designed terminals, providing a reliable connection for voice, satellite internet, cellular data, Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and location-based applications. With Iridium Certus, customers will be able to control costs by eliminating the need to deploy expensive ground-based infrastructure or large, expensive directional terminals that rely upon geostationary satellites.

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Global businesses need access to global data. Iridium powers new innovation and opportunity in IoT through a unique combination of global network connectivity, industry-leading core-technology, and an ecosystem of technology partners. With new IoT solutions expected in 2019, Iridium Certus will provide reliable, high-speed data communications to maximize efficiencies and enable accessibility anywhere on the planet.

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The Iridium network provides unmatched secure communications anywhere on the planet, including the polar regions. Iridium Certus will enable voice, data, and push-to-talk messages, remote communications, personnel tracking, and over-the-horizon, beyond line-of-sight, and on-the-move communications at a range of speeds at your command. With expected availability in 2019, government and military customers will be able to rely on the secure, low-latency broadband connectivity of Iridium Certus through the dedicated U.S. Government gateway and controlled infrastructure.

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Iridium has selected market-leading service providers to bring Iridium Certus, the new, best-in-class broadband connectivity to its customers. Iridium Certus service providers will work across specific markets, including Aviation, Government, Land and Maritime. Learn more about the companies bringing these new, enhanced services to life.

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About Iridium

Iridium is the only mobile voice and data satellite communications network that spans the entire globe. Iridium enables connections between people, organizations, and assets to and from anywhere in real time. Together with its ecosystem of partner companies Iridium delivers an innovative and rich portfolio of reliable solutions for markets that require truly global communications.

The company has a major development program underway for its next-generation network; Iridium NEXT. Iridium Communications Inc. is headquartered in McLean, Va., U.S.A., and its common stock trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol IRDM.

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