Iridium Extreme Push-to-talk

Iridium Extreme Push-to-talk - Handset ImagePick up your Iridium Extreme Push-to-Talk today!

With the Iridium Extreme Push-to-talk you get the same devices and services that users have come trust over the years but with the convenience of push to talk communication, which means on a global scale you can communicate with the push of a button!

The Iridium Extreme Push-to-talk (PTT) service is the only global network with the convenience of connecting with push to talk technology.

You also get an unlimited amount of possibilities when connecting. Each device supports up to fifteen talk groups and talk groups support an unlimited number of devices which leaves you with an unlimited amount of possibilities for communicating!

The Iridium Extreme Push-to-talk itself is from the same line of rugged and reliable devices that individuals and corporations alike have come to trust; with the added convenience of push to talk technology. Pick one up today and experience how convenient it can be to stay connected with the world’s largest and most trusted network including a portfolio of lab and field tested devices!

  • Truly Global
  • Rugged and Reliable Devices
  • Customizeable SOS Button
  • Critical Lifelines
  • Loaded with Features
  • Military Grade Protection

Iridium Extreme Push-to-talk - Device ImageWhat is Iridium Push-to-talk?

Push to talk just got smarter and tougher; everywhere!

The Iridium Extreme Push-to-Talk makes the power of fast, simple, and secure group communication available on the toughest push to talk enabled satellite  phone on the market – all at the push of a button.

For team communications, the Iridium Extreme PTT is engineered to support high intensity users in some of the harshest environments. The Iridium Extreme PTT takes reliable global communications to the next level with a high audio loudspeaker, reinforced PTT button, and an extended battery.

The intuitive user interface provides standard voice calling, SMS, and SOS, as well as quick access to push to talk, allowing you to connect with your team instantly and securely, anywhere on the planet. Unlike previous PTT satellite systems that are limited to use in or around vehicles, the Iridium Extreme PTT is a completely mobile satellite handset that provides flexibility to support every communication environment.

Versatile accessories including shoulder-mounted carrying cases, docking stations, and external antennas (sold separately) ensure critical communications can be maintained in any situation – on foot, in-vehicle, ship or aircraft or inside buildings.

Iridium Extreme Push-to-talk - Timer ImageHow Fast is Iridium PTT?

To put it simply, only Iridium can deliver push to talk the way it was meant to be; fast and simple!

It takes roughly two seconds from the time the first button is pressed, effectively receiving the talkgroup floor or put simpler, everyone else in that user’s talkgroup.

Once a talkgroup is active, it then takes less than 500 milliseconds from the push of the button in order to speak and be heard by your talk group. Once the individual has spoken through their handset it takes less than one second for their voice to be heard and played on the opposite end, which up until this point has been unheard of for global satellite communications.

Some of this speed is caused by the low earth orbit benefit of being very close to the earth. It is the result of the tireless work done by Iridium to bring these latency times to the absolute minimum which brings this amazing never before seen service to your fingertips. The convenience of one-hundred percent mobile and truly global push to talk technology is here!
Iridium Extreme Push-to-talk - Talk Groups Image

How Do Talk Groups Work?

Iridium has successfully tested scenarios with 10,000 devices in a talkgroup!

The “Trunking” concept inherent in the Iridium PTT service allows a large number of users to share talkgroups.

Global, Federal, and Regional agencies and organizations can respond to events such as emergencies and share talkgroups to communicate.

Since the Iridium PTT service is a broadcast service, there is no practical limit to the number of devices that may be part of a talkgroup. This leaves customers with enough options for global push to talk communication to fit any need! Pick up your own device today and see how easy it is to keep your team connected all over the planet.

  • Each device supports up to 15 Talkgroups
  • Talkgroups support an unlimited number of devices
  • Talkgroups are programmed easily over the air
  • Talkgroups can be placed in up to 10 different regions across the globe

Iridium Extreme Push-to-talk - System Overview ImageThe Iridium PTT System

  • Form Factor: Handheld
  • Durability: Mil-Spec: IP65
  • Start-Up Time: 20 seconds
  • Wearable On Body: Yes
  • External Antenna Included: Yes
  • Environmental Specs: IP65, Mil-Spec, -10C to +55C temps
  • Standby Time: Up to 54 hours (Phone Mode), up to 16.5 hours (PTT Mode)
  • Talk Time: Up to 6.5 hours (Phone Mode), up to 5 hours (PTT Mode)