Iridium 9575 and PTT Charging/USB/External Antenna Adaptors

Charging, USB, and External Antenna Adaptors
On Your Iridium 9575 and PTT Satellite Phone

Iridium 9575 and PTT Charging/USB/External Antenna Adapters - Phone Overview

Charging/USB/External Antenna Adaptors

Included with the Iridium Extreme are two adaptors. These adaptors attach to the bottom of your phone and are required for charging, connecting the USB data cable, or using the external antenna. These adaptors are designed to provide a robust and flexible approach to using external accessories with the Iridium Extreme.

Adapter #1: Charging/USB

Adaptor One

This adapter is to be used for charging the phone or connecting
to a laptop via USB data cable when the phone’s antenna is used.

Adapter #2: Charging/USB/External Antenna

Adaptor Two

Installation of the Adaptor

Adapter One and Two

  • 1: In order to charge, use the USB port, or connect an external antenna, the appropriate adaptor must first be selected and attached to the bottom of the phone.

  • 2: Prior to installation, open your phone’s accessory connector cover on the bottom of your phone and move it to the back of your phone, securing it to the rear retaining features.

  • 3: Select the appropriate adapter and orient it with the bottom of the phone so the Iridium brand is facing forward. Then press the adapter up until the side clasps are locked into place and the adapter is securely fastened to your phone.

After Adaptor Installation

Adaptors One and Two Connected

Use of the Adaptor

  • Once the appropriate adaptor is installed on the phone, you may now connect the charging, USB data, or external antenna to your phone.

  • Note that the Charging/USB/External Antenna adapter should only be used if you are planning to connect an external antenna. While this adaptor is connected, use of your phone’s antenna will temporarily be suspended.

Removal of the Adaptor

  • Last, move the accessory connector cover back to the accessory connector and press it so it is securely in place.

  • Notice: Ensure accessory connector cover is fully and securely installed. Failure to do so could result in dust and/or moisture being introduced to the unit which could in turn cause failure of the unit.