Release date: 10 December 2015 Text marked with “Warning”, “Caution”, “Note” or “Important” show the following type of data: • Warning: A Warning is an operation or maintenance procedure that, if not obeyed, can cause injury or death. • Caution: A Caution is an operation or maintenance procedure that, if not obeyed, can cause damage to the equipment.
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Cobham EXPLORER 8100 Quick Guide

IMPORTANT Observe all safety requirements listed in the beginning of the User & installation manual, and install and use the system according to the guidelines in the User & installation manual. The User & installation manual is available from: • the web interface in the EXPLORER 8100 ACU (see the next section) • www.cobham.com/satcom (select Service and support >

Cobham EXPLORER 8100 Product Sheet

Download the Cobham EXPLORER 8100 Product Sheet EXPLORER 8100 1.0m Stabilized, Auto-Acquire, Drive-Away Antenna System November 2017 Product Sheet www.cobham.com/satcom The most important thing we build is trust
Pacific Marine Expo - Product Feature
Roadshow: The New Standard in Maritime Communications Following its launch earlier this year, Fleet Xpress has been making waves in the maritime industry. Together with its manufacturing partner Cobham SATCOM, Fleet Xpress is transforming the face of communication at sea to enhance operational efficiency and crew welfare. The service has also been recognized and shortlisted
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