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Satellite Hubs

Next Generation Devices that boast Ultra-Portable Mobile Satellite Internet which allows you to utilize your own personal devices like your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone to connect to the Internet for work or just to keep in touch.

Portable Satellite Internet - Iridium GO

Iridium GO!

The Iridium GO is a portable satellite hub that can keep you connected no matter where you are on the planet. It also allows up to five devices to be connected to it at once making getting work done off the grid a cinch. It also has a built-in SOS button that is engineered right into the rugged build of the device allowing the option of getting help at the push of a button. The Iridium GO is a portable satellite Internet device that you can trust even in the harshest conditions.

Engineered Rugged

Your own personal portable satellite connection helping you keep in touch while off the grid is engineered rugged to make sure that it is ready to go whenever you need it. The Iridium GO has a stable lay-flat design, military-grade durability, and an Ingress Protection rating of IP65 making it dust proof, shock resistant, and jet-water resistant as well. It is small enough to fit in your pocket and strong enough to bring global reliable communications to your fingertips.

Up to Five Devices

Using your own personal devices to not only control the Iridium GO but also to connect to the Internet and communicate is one perk but you can also use multiple devices simultaneously while monitoring what is doing what as well to control the workload. The ability to operate five devices at once really opens up the array of uses with the device so when buying a satellite phone sat hubs are a wonderful alternative to cheap satellite phones.

Inmarsat's iSavi

The iSavi IsatHub is Inmarsat's answer to the demand of clients for a portable satellite Internet device that can be used by their own personal devices. This rugged device boasts a higher speed than competitors while utilizing Inmarsat data plans which run over the most robust network on the planet. It also allows over twenty wi-fi users at a time which makes working in a larger group much easier than some other products.

Built Rugged

The iSavi was built to handle some harsh environments and has an Ingress Protection rating of IP65 making it dust and splash resistant as well. It is portable enough to fit anywhere a small laptop would fit which makes it easy to take anywhere, even if you are well off the grid it can simply fit into a pack. All this in one package brings a simple to use device that can provide wi-fi to a group of people that is portable and rugged; even the best satellite phone on the market cannot out perform it for data.

Over Twenty Users

The ability to operate five devices at once really opens up doors for what you can do while off the grid. This device really makes the robustness of Inmarsat data to shine! No matter if you are alone or have a halfway decent sized work-group you can get the work finished without having to waste time and money on multiple devices for each person to use. Also, you can monitor what each device is using as far as resources so you can manage the workload efficiently and make changes accordingly.

Portable Satellite Internet - iSavi

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Satellite Terminals

Portable devices that bring higher speeds to mobile satellite Internet users. With more resources from these robust pieces of equipment you can expect to get more done faster just from the increase in bandwidth alone.

Explorer 510

If satellite phone services and satellite hubs do not have the resources that you need then a satellite terminals is probably something to look at. The Explorer 510 is about the size of a standard laptop, making it easy to pack away anywhere; even when going on a trip. It brings ruggedness, portability, and high-speed broadband and even voice services to you on a global scope.

Portable and Rugged

With the performance you get with this device it is amazing how portable it is. You can literally carry it under your arm while walking around with ease! It's also very rugged and built to stand up to some extreme environments. If you need a place to put it while live streaming simply put it on the ground; don't worry, it can handle it. It also has simultaneous voice and broadband data so even multiple people can get things done at the same time without having to worry about running out of resources from the device.

Easy to Use

If it's one thing clients hate is when their device is so hard to use that they need a tech to help at every turn. Besides, what good is a mobile satellite Internet device if you cannot use it exactly when you need it without any hassle? This is where the Explorer 510 really helps; it is super easy to use! The intuitive user interface can be accessed from a personal computer or even a smart device. With the Explorer Connect App you can use your smart device to make calls or easily access the Internet even in areas with no terrestrial or cellular coverage.

Explorer 710

If even after taking a look at the Explorer 510 and you need some more bang for your buck so to speak then the flagship of the Explorer series, the 710, may be for you. For the size of the device it is really amazing the performance value you get with such a small device. It brings ultra-portability, ruggedness, and high-speed broadband with simultaneous voice services to you on a global scope.

Portable and Rugged

If it is two things that someone needs in a satellite terminal it would be portability and ruggedness and the Explorer 710 brings both to the table. Just like with the 510, you can throw this in a pack and not have to worry about it taking up to much space or even getting damaged. With these two perks paired up broadcasters can simply and easily set up and go whenever and wherever they need to or a group can set up a remote office without the worry of not having enough room for equipment.

Bring Your Own Device

People enjoy their own personal devices and with some terminals they are stuck using the provided equipment and not what they are used to; making them somewhat less efficient. With the 710 people can bring their own devices and connect via wi-fi or even an ethernet cable. This makes everything much easier after setup so you and your people can get what they need done and continue on with the job. Familiarity is the key when it comes to tech and the Explorer 710 makes the experience as familiar as possible; making your job easier!