The Iridium System - FeatureImage

The Iridium System

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Iridium Certus Mobile
Iridium Certus Mobile Powered by the Iridium NEXT low-Earth orbit satellite constellation, Iridium Certus Mobile is a new multi-service communications platform set to disrupt the industry-status quo by bringing a more efficient, reliable and cost-effective way to achieve 100 percent global connectivity. With uncompromising coverage and speeds reaching up to 1.4 Mbps, even in the most
Iridium Pilot - Product Feature

Iridium Pilot

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Iridium Network's Ground Infrastructure - Product Feature
Iridium’s extensive, interconnected ground network provides multiple layers of redundancy and back-up systems for all critical functions to ensure high network reliability. Iridium’s cross-linked, low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation is supported by an extensive ground infrastructure that provides terrestrial connections for satellite voice and data calls, as well as network command, control, monitoring, and technical