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Iridium Extreme

Iridium’s flagship satellite phone, which comes complete with world renowned ruggedness and fully customizable SOS button.

For business or personal reasons the Iridium Extreme is the only satellite phone with as many features and with truly global coverage.

Iridium Extreme 9575 Satellite Phone

The World’s Most Rugged And Relliable Handheld

With the Information Age it is becoming more apparent how important it is to keep connected. Whether you are out of cell range for work, out on the open road on your Harley, or simply need a global communications device for your home emergency kit the Iridium Extreme is for you. But don’t let these simpler uses fool you, this is one of the most powerful handheld communication devices on the market today with nearly every feature you can think of. It can be utilized in a single solution for an individual or be added to a corporation’s vast global communications solution.


It can definitely take a beating with thousands of reports of the abuse it goes through in the field. This includes being shot from one ship to another during a rescue operation at sea because communications were knocked out during a storm.


Iridium's flagship handheld has an expansive feature set including a fully customizable SOS button, online tracking, SMS, and data tethering. The list of features literally has something for everyone, no matter your corner of the market.


Through accredited online portals, the Iridium Extreme offers an open development platform for location-based solutions which leaves a vast amount of options from improving military operations to keeping in touch with loved ones.


Since the Iridium Extreme 9575 runs on the Iridium Network you have coverage no matter where you are on the planet. This even includes the polar regions so just as long as you have a good view of the sky you should be able to get a signal.


Through the utilization of the feature set on the Iridium Extreme you can let loved ones track your location online through social network updates; all available for free. Even on short vacations it is always smart to have an Iridium Extreme on hand.


With a one-touch SOS button the Iridium Extreme alerts your programmed contact of your location and helps create a two-way connection for assistance which includes support by GEOS Travel Safety Group Limited.

Is The iridium extreme the right handset for you?

In comparison, the iridium extreme outperforms the competition

Other than a bit higher price point the Iridium Extreme outperforms all other satellite phones on the market with it’s scope, accessories, and feature set. You simply cannot compare with the laundry list of features and accessories along with it’s military grade durability. It is the perfect phone for simply a single user to keep at home in their emergency kit all the way to a number of Iridium Extreme’s being added to a corporation’s communications solution; effectively making their communications scope the entire planet.

Avid Boaters

While out at sea even just leisurely boating it is smart to have a satellite phone close by.

Contract Workers

Across the globe, contract workers only need to turn to one satellite phone that is feature filled and truly global.

Commercial Fishing

Whether you are a single fisherman in a small crew or your run your own fleet of vessels the Iridium

Military Workers

The Iridium Extreme 9575 Satellite Phone has a vast array of uses and applications. It can assist a single soldier..

In Work Groups

Amazingly enough, an Iridium Extreme can assist individuals through data tethering as well. This basically turns the ..

Your Emergency Kit

The Iridium Extreme is the perfect satellite phone while on the move and with it’s military grade durability it..

Iridium Extreme

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Unlimited Iridium to iridium Calling

Simplify everything with iridium’s flat rate unlimited plan

Satellite phones only really work if they can be made as simple as possible for the customer no matter what they are using it for. With this in mind Iridium has come up with an unlimited plan for their handheld devices. This truly makes everything much simpler for some customers since they will not need to worry about usage from simply calling. With a flat rate unlimited plan for customer’s devices now even budget planning is made simple within the world of satellite communications; this is a rarity indeed!


Imagine having global communications with absolutely no roaming charges. With Iridium’s unlimited flat rate plan for their handhelds you can make a call from anywhere on the planet and there is no need to worry about extra charges for roaming; the flat rate plan takes care of all of it.
For some customers this is exactly what they have been waiting for, a simple plan where they do not need to worry about usage. If you need any help in deciding on the best handheld or plan for you, please feel free to contact Apollo SatCom anytime: Apollo SatCom Contact.


A huge advantage the Iridium Network has over every other network is the fact that you cannot beat the coverage area; period. It is literally, truly global! You can be at the equator on a deserted beach somewhere or in Antarctica and your Iridium Extreme will still work all the same.
This is what is meant by it really simplifies everything for some customers from start to finish. With this type of coverage paired with the fact that there is a flat rate calling plan for Iridium devices it is really a no brainer when keeping things simple is considered.

Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone

The satellite Phone For Every Household

It doesn’t mean you are completely covered just because everyone in your family has a cell phone. It doesn’t take much to knock out cell towers, landlines, and yes even electricity. Where does this leave you during a tornado in the midwest? Or an earthquake on the west coast? No matter where you are a natural disaster can strike and leave you and your family with absolutely no communications whatsoever. When emergencies happen is the absolute worst time to be stuck without a way to communicate since people could be majorly hurt or worse and without that lifeline you and your family will be stuck on your own. Pick up an Iridium Extreme today, even if it is just for your emergency kit it is one of those investments that you hope you never need; but must have!
The Iridium Extreme has so many uses with its feature set and accessories, if you have any questions whatsoever about your own needs and expectations for a satellite phone please contact us at any time: Apollo SatCom Contact.

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The satellite Phone For Every Household