The ACR Bivy Stick offers consumers small, user-friendly two-way satellite communication that enables them to send and receive text messages, emails, and SOS signals. ACR Electronics, a company that specializes in safety and survival, has released the ACR Bivy Stick two-way satellite messenger and software, which they describe as the smallest and most basic satellite
The Apple iPhone 14 is traveling to space. Well, not exactly, but it is the first iPhone to be able to connect to satellites orbiting far above the Earth in addition to terrestrial cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Emergency SOS by Satellite is the name of the service, which is currently only available in times of
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Iridium Communications Inc. has announced today that Iridium and Qualcomm Technologies Inc. have reached an agreement to offer satellite messaging and emergency services on smartphones running on Snapdragon Mobile Platforms. The Iridium satellite constellation is a support for the new Snapdragon® Satellite solution from Qualcomm Technologies. Emergency messaging powered by Snapdragon Satellite is anticipated to
Iridium Messaging TransportSM (IMTSM), a next generation satellite IoT Data Service and a two-way cloud-native networked data service optimized for usage over Iridium Certus, has been introduced by Iridium. It is intended to make it simpler to integrate satellite connections to current or new IoT applications. For small- to medium-sized messages enabling satellite IoT applications,
Iridium will begin shipping the Iridium GO with the Iridium GO hardware revision 5A this week. This product will be pre-loaded with Firmware Version 2.1.24 This firmware update will take into consideration the internal hardware switch from the old GPS module—which is nearing the end of its useful life—to the new GPS module. The upgrade
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Inmarsat unveils today the new standalone terminal that will suit the needs of the main maritime safety systems and offer ultra-resilient access to Inmarsat’s ELERA L-band network. A significant advancement in marine safety has been made by Inmarsat, a leader in worldwide, mobile satellite communications. A next-generation terminal has been unveiled that will make it
Operation Pacific Waves (OPW), a series of field exercises driven by partnerships comprising more than 20 organizations, was announced by Iridium Communications Inc. today. With an emphasis on the Indo-Pacific area, OPW will install Iridium and Iridium Connected equipment in real-world scenarios to demonstrate the robust, timely, and truly global capabilities of the Iridium network.
Iridium Communications Inc. stated today that it has secured a deal with SpaceX to use its Falcon 9 rocket to launch up to five of the company’s last remaining ground-spare satellites from the Iridium NEXT program; making their ninth SpaceX launch. The launch, known as Iridium-9, is scheduled to occur at Vandenberg Space Force Base
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Iridium announced today announced an ultra-low bandwidth video transmission technology from a new Value-Added Developer (VAD), VideoSoft Global. Running over the Iridium Certus service, Videosoft’s FireLight solution enables the live transmission of video from as low as 4 Kbps to and from anywhere in the world. The solution supports secure live video, audio and data